metroplitan museum of art 2.20.2018 (part 1)

last week Liam had a few days off so we happily planned a visit to one of the best places on earth the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  this was Liam's third visit and as i mentioned in my piece friday fun! about our trip to The Met Cloisters last November. Liam's a big fan of museums and especially the gift shop at the end of every outing.


i love this vintage image of the Met.  give me sepia all day long... 

we started our adventure with the mummies of course - item 1 on our agenda. unfortunately The Temple of Dendur was closed for a private event. 

IMG_1436 woman watermarked  cropped.jpg



this lovely lady holding her son is the goddess Isis suckling her son Horus. 332–30 B.C. she completely caught my eye. i love the positions of the statuary on this shelf.





IMG_1557 wm.jpg




a crocodile for my boy.

IMG_1442 cropped wm.jpg

these candlesticks are tres chic! you can find something for all tastes at the Met!

after a yummy lunch at the Petrie Court Cafe we made our way to the David Hockney exhibit. it was breathtaking - so thrilled to have been able to view before it closed February 25.  next week's post is devoted to Mr. Hockney -  i will leave you with this.

IMG_1558 wm.JPG

A Bigger Splash, 1967. this painting was the exhibition cover image.

the William Eggleston exhibit was next - so much vibrant color in these dye transfer prints.

IMG_1476 wm-1.jpg



Memphis 1971-74

IMG_1479 wm.jpg

Greenwood 1971-74

IMG_1483 cropped to add wm.jpg



Mississippi 1971-74



IMG_1481 wm.jpg





in our world of endless images  - this gave me pause.



we popped into the Impressionist gallery - of course!

IMG_1472 wm.jpg



Camille Pissaro:

The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning

IMG_1473 wm.jpg








Vincent Van Gogh:


IMG_1474 cropped wm.jpg










Pierre Auguste Renoir:

A Waitress at Duval's Restaurant

IMG_1555 wm.JPG




we progressed to the Arms and Armor gallery. this was item 2 on Liam's agenda.

you can guess what item 3 was... the gift shop. nothing funnier than a child running down the days schedule for you. ha!




IMG_1553 wm.jpg




he was happy!




IMG_1489 wm.jpg






oh so very happy!



"pretend I am wearing this"



IMG_1492 wm.jpg



we detoured into the American Wing before our last stop (Liam begrudgingly agreed!) and took in the Thomas Cole's Journey -  Atlantic Crossings exhibit which features his works along with those of  his contemporaries.

Here is his sketch box.

IMG_1490 wm.jpg






John Constable: Study of a Cloudy Sky








i truly hope you have the opportunity to visit the Met. golly i love it so.

til next time.