metropolitan museum of art 2.20.2018 (part 2)

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two weeks ago we visited one of the best places on earth the Metropolitan Museum of Art we had a list of exhibitions to view but, the top not to be missed was the David Hockney. 

  so after a yummy lunch at the Petrie Court Cafe we took in the retrospective of his life's work.


A Bigger Splash, 1967.

this painting was the exhibition cover image.

IMG_1446 wm.jpg

The Third Love Painting, 1960

Liam was taken with this work - what he thought was a robot really spoke to his 6 year old self.

IMG_1559 wm.jpg

Pool and Steps, Le Nid du Duc, 1971

savings and loan building 1967 wm.jpg

Savings and Loan Building, 1967

a lawn being sprinkled 1967 .jpg

A Lawn Being Sprinkled, 1967.

medical building 1967 wm .jpg

Medical Building, 1967

Contre-Jour in the French Style-Against the day Dans Le Style-Francais, 1974. .jpg

Contre-Jour in the French Style-Against the day Dans Le Style-Francais, 1974.

IMG_1556 wm.jpg

Nichols Canyon, 1980

the road across the wolds, 1997 wm.jpg

The Road Across the Wolds, 1997

The Road to Thwing, 2006 .jpg

The Road to Thwing, 2006

the piece is made up of 6 panels. Liam really enjoyed the colors.

Elderflower Blossom, Kilham, 2006 wm.jpg

Elderberry Blossoms, Kilham, 2008

Hawthorn Blossom near Rudston, 2008  wm.jpg

Hawthorne Blossom near Rudston, 2008

ipad explanination .jpg
IMG_1461 wm .jpg
IMG_1456 fixed wm .jpg
IMG_1466 fixed wm.jpg
close up Ipad 1 wm.jpg






i circled back to this installation three times.






close up Ipad 3 wm.jpg

















close up Ipad 2 wm.jpg





i could have stood there for hours watching the images morph into new - as they traced his drawing process from piece to piece.









close up Ipad 4 wm.jpg









the images were amazing... and it led my son to inquire -


" could i do that on my iPad?"










i hope you will follow the link and look at more of Mr. Hockney's works.

i'm blessed to live close to NYC and be able to visit the Met anytime - I know there are museums everywhere - find one and treat yourself!

here's a list with links for some museums in New Jersey.

til next time.