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I'm Meryl the Chaletmomma

I rode my bike by the Chalet as a kiddo and rang the doorbell on Halloween - always feeling a deep sense of affection for its quirkiness.

My birthday falls in July and ever the true crab I am all about home. Collecting comes naturally. These Bits Are My Treasures.

After a long career as a Merchant and in Product Management/Importing and Design in and around NYC - I now focuse on all things Chaletmomma.

Interior Styling and Organizing are my passion. I am pursuing my dreams while being here for my husband and our son; a miracle after a 7-1/2 year fertility journey.

I Am Truly Blessed.

I am: a Christian, a Collector, Design Devotee, Organizer, Classic Movies, Neat-Freak, Fresh Flowers Always, History Buff, NYC, Old Building Lover, Instagram Addict - I run two feeds @chaletmomma and @saynotoemptywalls - my tag is #saynotoemptywalls, Board-Game Player, List-Maker, Prosecco Drinker, Baseball Nut, Avid Reader - please check the sidebar for my Current Read, Rudimentary Cook, Beach Bum, Amateur Sewer, Folk-Art Painter, Community Volunteer and a Chatter.

  If you're a fan of my Cacophony of Styles or my Zeal for Organizing and would like my help - please email me or DM through Instagram. If you’re in the northern NJ / NYC metro area - Let’s meet!

Chaletmomma is an outlet for observation on Design, Family and Life!

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