I'm Meryl the Chaletmomma

Yes, we really do live in a Chalet cottage an hour outside of Manhattan!

I rode my bike by the Chalet as a kiddo and rang the doorbell on Halloween - always feeling a deep sense of affection for its quirkiness.

My birthday falls in July and ever the true crab I am all about home.

After a career as a Trimmer, Merchant and in Product Management, Sourcing, Marketing and Design in and around NYC - I now focus on Chaletmomma.

Interiors and Marketing are my passions - Let’s work together!

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Some Tidbits About Me!

I love architecture and interiors. I love old black and white films. I’m a history buff and I’m on my local Historic Preservation Commission. I love museums. I love the ballet. I love Prosecco. I love art and supporting artists - we have several original works in the Chalet. There are always fresh flowers in the Chalet. I love living so close to NYC. I love books…to read and collect. Check out my current read in the sidebar. I’m an Instagram addict with two feeds @chaletmomma and @saynotoemptywalls - my tag is #saynotoemptywalls - please follow along and use my tag!

Feel like asking something… don’t hesitate please email me!

Chaletmomma is about Design, Family and Life!

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