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i'm meryl the chaletmomma

i rode my bike past the chalet as a kiddo. i rang the doorbell on halloween - always feeling a deep sense of affection for its quirkiness.

the chaletboy is a miracle following a 7 year fertility journey.
we're a family of 4 with our orange tabby fred the softest kitty ever.

after a long career as a merchant and product design/importing in and around nyc - i am now focusing on all things chaletmomma. i love helping others bring their vision of home to life - while being here for my son. i am pursuing my dreams.

i am truly blessed.

my birthday is in july. a true crab. the sign of home and hearth.
collecting comes naturally. i have memorable objects from my childhood; these are my treasures.

ahh treasures what an amazing word! marvelous word! stupendous word!
treasures are what i surround myself with.

i am: a follower of jesus, a collector, lover of old homes, design devotee, organizer, classic movie admirer, neat-freak, fresh flowers, over-sharer, history buff, nyc lover, huge instagram addict - i run two hashtags #chaletmomma and #saynotoemptywalls, ardent board-game player, list maker, prosecco drinker, baseball nut, an avid reader - i'll share my current read, rudimentary cook, seaside lover, nascar fan, amateur sewer, folk-art painter, volunteer, color orange enthusiast and a massive chatter.

chaletmomma is an outlet for observation and conversation on design, family and life!

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