school's out...

hahaha! who doesn't know this Alice Cooper song...

yay! it's finally here... tomorrow the longest day of the year the summer solstice is my son's last day of 1st grade! i am overjoyed! i feel the kiddos have too much school - the days are too long and the year is too long.

i am psyched to get vacation started... here are a few lovely summer images.


i love this snap of the swim club and with more swimming lessons in a few weeks i'm hopeful i may be able to read a bit this summer.




a few images of Ocean City, NJ


one of the many exceptional views from the Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA


the lapping water on the shore of the South River, Edgewater, Maryland


Grace Bay Beach, The Palms, Turks & Caicos in daylight or setting sun! outstanding!




the Miles River, St. Michaels, Maryland


the fun is starting this weekend - the boys head out on a road trip with my father in law and my best friend is flying into town... isn't summer the best!!!


i love these old sunscreen advertisements! get some on - get out there and enjoy yourself!

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til next time.

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presby garden visit

i enjoyed a lovely afternoon visiting The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair, NJ about an hour outside of Manhattan.

IMG_5762 cm.JPG

the gardens were started as a memorial to Frank H. Presby one of the founders of the American Iris Society in 1927 it is a non-profit located on 6.5 acres. 

IMG_5768 1.jpg

this tree is simply gorgeous!


this last image is of the garden at my son's grade school.  i love that the kiddos are out in nature being taught about plants, composting and planting by tending the garden.  sometimes they simply go outside and hold classes there. Liam really enjoys it and has been participating in a junior master gardener club through our local library since March.

get outside, take a walk and admire your surroundings. 

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top secret 7th birthday

InkedIMG_4988 wm_LI.jpg


it tough when your birthday falls during summer break - so even though Liam's birthday isn't until the end of the month we celebrated this past weekend.


when asked what theme he wanted he didn't hesitate to reply Spy!


here he is ready to party with a glow in the dark magnifying glass on his face - wearing the tshirt i made using Avery Fabric Transfers #8938 iron-on decals. lol that was an experience... if you don't know i am not a DIYer!!!

i knew the theme tie-in would largely be conveyed through the cake, invitations, favors and thank you tags. i found Lori Cubel's shop  Party Place on Etsy.

i wanted scratch-offs on the invitation and thank you tags. Lori quickly created exactly what i envisioned. since you all know what a sharer i am - let me introduce you - Lori told me she started out designing for herself - her children's parties and for other family events.

"Guests at our parties were always asking where I got my party goodies and when I told them I designed them myself... they asked if I would make some for their parties too and they paid me! "

she left her 9-5 job in photography and graphic design in 2008 and opened her Etsy shop.


"I feel very blessed to be able to help my customers celebrate all their happy occasions and celebrations... new babies, birthdays , weddings and holidays"

Lori is offering the chaletmomma family a discount. enter code chaletmomma at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order.

for the second year in a row we held the party at Glow House Kids - you know what they say - if it ain't broke... Liam loves it there - running around in the dark playing games while music plays - what's not to love about that.

laser tag was a huge hit! literally!







he is so happy - pure joy!

IMG_5935 croppedwm.jpg

after 1-1/2 hours it was time to gather the revelers for a group shot! the colors are so great!

IMG_5785 wm.jpg
family picwm.jpg



every kiddo went home with a Glow House Kids water bottle, a pair of spy glasses, an invisible pen, a stack-able crayon and their cool glow ring! (Liam hasn't noticed i took his ha!)







our happy family!

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til next time.