friday fun!

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my son had a few days off and we were trying to decide what to do. we like museums and luckily he does too. he is particularly fond of the gift shops (ha!) he is his mother's son after all!.

recently we've visited some local museums as well as the American Museum of Natural History to enjoy the Egyptian exhibit and we visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art regularly.

my brother-in-law suggested The Met Cloisters it was a quick trip on route 80 and over the George Washington Bridge to Tryon Park. if you're not familiar with the Cloisters it's a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art which focuses on the art, architecture and gardens of the middle ages.




i love boxes especially old wooden ones.

this example of a painted chest is extraordinary. it shows scenes of the Capture of Orange. it was made in France 1220-1225. look at the way the metal supports are holding it together. i could stare at this for hours.




this door handle is remarkable - not to mention the carving on the door itself. i'd love this for the chalet!


old stuff is definitely my jam!


it's hard to believe just how old these pieces are and remember the tools they had when these were fabricated in the 1200's.


the interior of the chapel had a number of stone coffins. i think this one is especially lovely with all it's details. thinking of the time it took to carve is staggering.


these lovely ladies are in fact reliquaries. i learned the containers often reflect the contents. so these busts may have contained skulls. while arm bones were held in the golden statue. you can see openings where glass was - allowing the viewer a look inside at the bones.

  Reliquary: a receptacle or repository for relics, especially relics of saints.

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it was a stunning day - though windy. we plan to return in the summer to view the spectacular gardens in all their splendor and enjoy the cafe which is now closed for the season.

my son is thrilled with his gift shop purchase! here he is with his trusty companion sir jackson. he asked if the next place we visit could be the Moma - not bad for a 6 yr old!

thanks to my hubby and sister for sharing some images with me for this post.



please leave a comment - what is your favorite museum?

til next time.