say no to empty walls!

i doubt anyone is unaware of my love of art! in my world anything and everything is art. loving art means hanging it up and i have always hung stuff on the walls. in childhood it was posters of puppies and bulletin boards. i remember my styrofoam frog shaped bulletin board... it was sooo neat. (i searched the interweb looking for one to show you - but, no luck) my insta account @saynotoemptywalls is all about showcasing great spaces and encouraging people to #saynotoemptywalls my mom Rita was very laid back. not only did she not care if i moved the furniture around my bedroom, she didn't care if i taped up loads of stuff on my walls and later when i grabbed the hammer. (she was also unfazed when as a kiddo i cut my own hair - myself!)

i was so pleased that my hubby shared my love of a fully decorated space. my mother-in-law is crazy creative and she was always redoing things around their home. he is always ready to grab the level and lend a hand.

baskets in diningroom.jpg


art/mirrors/clocks/letters/plates/baskets - are all part of the jewelry of your space.

you wouldn't leave the house without lipstick - right?!? it makes me a bit sad when i visit a home with blank walls.



i love these antique baskets my mother-in-law lovingly gave us from her personal collection. i think the look is so warm and textural. paired with the chalet painting  a christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law and this enchanting floral watercolor by Erisha of a thing created i love how it's come together and evolved.




i love gallery walls. we had one - on the paneled wall of our family room growing up.

i know i inherited my love of framing bits from my mom.

one of my most treasured belongings is a framed pen and ink of an Edinburgh street my mom brought back to me from her travels. it rests against books on the custom shelf my husband built for me in our master bedroom.

the images have a British theme. i do like the art to have a point of view. don't we all do that? if we're collectors?

i'm sure everyone is aware you don't need to spend a ton to achieve a finished look. the print of St. Paul's Cathedral purchased during our London honeymoon in 1998 was only a few pounds because its actually a card. the same goes for the Montreal row-houses - below- it too is a card. both were framed professionally- so i did spend a little bit finishing the pieces.

white birch gallery wall.jpg


this gallery wall is from our first house. we've certainly added to it over the years.



master bedroom hall.

have you noticed the theme?  i love architecture. i recently acquired an image from 100yrs ago of the original estate that encompassed my neighborhood and its on the list-  the to-be-framed list. haha!

you can see a piece of original art Sunset Fog by Leigh Viner in the mix here. i have several pieces by Leigh. you should check out her work!

Bath-1 wm.jpg




i went with beach towns we love in our only bathroom. chatham ma. and ocean city nj.




kitchen stove top cropped .jpg






art in a kitchen is a must. i have some metal trivets hanging up but, the pears over the stove really completed the space.









years ago i found the site  20x200  i gave my husband Joseph O. Holmes piece Milling Machine Shelves shown here on the stairwall.

how great is the oil on canvas of Rembrandt's The Man with The Golden Helmet - my dad received this in the 1960's for opening a bank account at the local savings and loan. this dude used to scare the heck out of me as a kiddo!  you can see an amazing papyrus brought back to me by my cousin from his trip to Egypt and some of my own art.

sideboard 2.jpg

check out this corner of the diningroom. the small round antique frame holds an old black and white image of the chalet. i love to hang things in unexpected ways.

in my post becoming the chaletmomma i shared an image of artwork propped against the wall on the porch - it's still there and may be for a while - i've never shied away from leaning and layering. and please don't think art is only for the walls around the chalet there is plenty of stuff on tabletops too!

look around and you can find so many resources for art. cards, postcards, wrapping paper, images from books or magazines. when we were doing up our sons room we bought a ton from allposters

a wonderful source for art from the artists who created it can be found through sites 20x200, and esty as i mentioned above and you can always find fun things at your local michaels, homegoods and target.  

i beg you please say no to empty walls!!!

til next time.