five days

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what a magical time i had - i was blessed to spend five days in turks and caicos with my oldest and dearest friend of 39yrs - just us two! she organized this adventure from start to finish and wanna know the best part- she lives there!!! i mean really... yep hahaha! but, i hadn't been there in twenty years. heck i hadn't been on an airplane in years - since my honeymoon to London in 1998. travel became something closer to home. car rides with stops along they way and yearly family trips to the beach in-state.

i admit it i geeked out a bit and took a ton of pics from my window seat. the freedom tower looked spectacular at take off.

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my bestie was happy to relax with me for a few days and leave her day-to-day life in providenciales behind while we stayed at the palms resort.

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we did exactly what you think - we drank - we ate - we drank some more - all the while sitting by the pool or the ocean - evidence by the corks i brought home to add to the collection. we write down the dates and who we shared it with and we keep them in an old sap bucket on the sideboard in the diningroom. its fun to go through and remember the good times!

i do think 9 corks over 5 days is pretty good and let me not forget the banana daiquiris that nelson made for me! 

oh we did get massages one afternoon which were heavenly the palms offers a world class spa.

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we shopped a bit, or rather i did. there is a wonderful main shopping area not too far from the resort.  turks and caicos has come a long way from the dirt roads of 1997.  yes, the two recent hurricanes have unfortunately reeked some havoc- and there are residents still getting things sorted - but, everywhere i was on island it was business as usual. notice the cars parked on the opposite side of the road. as a british territory they drive on left.

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this gorgeous view is chalk sound. the colors of the water are mystical.

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look at this view from livingroom window of the condo. i mean it's amazing.

i had more than a bit of a hard time deciding which images to share in this post.



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 spent all saturday afternoon moving between sun and shade in this lovely spot- it was blissful!

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my last day we woke early and hit the beach by 9:30am wanting to soak up as much time as possible before i needed to get to airport and back to reality.

the sand is very smooth and velvety above the shore line - it's hard to find shells with color.

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this was the last image i took .... til next time provo!

i must thank my wonderful hubby for taking the best care of our son - i had not a moments hesitation about taking this trip- love you B. & thanks Ro for making it happen! xo

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