Hey 2019!

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Hey there friends! Happy Happy 2019! I was looking at the post I wrote entitled Hey 2018! and realizing that I still have many of the same goals this year… to exercise more… clear the clutter from the basement and always be ready with some Prosecco and a little yummy something on hand to welcome guests… so I guess what I’m saying is - I’m still me and I’m still trying to improve! HaHa!

I will continue to write and publish this blog weekly - I love the creative outlet it affords me. I know I’m a frustrated writer… (insert hand on chin emoji) would anyone care to hear the story of a little red haired girl from the burbs who always knew the life she wanted and was blessed enough to get it! With a bit of struggle thrown in?!?

Hey my life isn’t perfect - but, friends its all how you look at it. I have a wonderful husband and the most adorable very tall sweet boy in the planet - loving family and friends and an opportunity to chat with you all!

2018 was fun! I visited with far away friends. Met some lovely IG ladies IRL. Visited the Most Magical Place on Earth. I got into a groove with Chaletmomma, Instagram and Facebook. I increased my repertoire of meals. I expanded my role at church by joining groups and helping out with ministries and I even managed to do a little decorating around the chalet.

I feel good with the year that was; goals were accomplished. Redoing my son’s room replacing the french-doors with windows and the best part he loves it. I’m happy to report I played a lot of board games in 2018 - my son is a big fan of Pay Day and is very good at The Game of Life - recently had so many children they were falling out of his car!!!

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One of my top priority in 2019 is finishing the updates to the Livingroom - I started restyling the space in July, in August I ordered a new couch the Montclair Sofa and then purchased a new coffee table the next step is new floor coverings… I know I will be selling my three (two 8x5, one 8 x 10) Pottery Barn Wool Darby Rugs.


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I think the feel I’m going for is something similar to the Moroccan rug we have in the Dining room. The Ground is cream with color on the edges and a center medallion. I like this direction… I like having a direction but, you never know… I say this now but, I might find something completely different today or tomorrow that I fall completely in love with. I also took a moment for reflection and was looking at inspirational images and the one that still resonates with me as much today as it did when I included it in last years piece Style Love published 1/10/18. Is Erin Francois living room - the light walls and sofa married with the lovely pattern play in her gorgeous rug… the space is bright and welcoming and exactly what I want to encapsulate in the chalet. Wish me luck!

I’ve spent the last few days de-christmasing the Chalet and in the process I organized and purged a lot from my Son’s room, the Livingroom and the Porch… I will working over the next few weeks organizing these items for donation and sale at my local consignment shop.

So that’s where I’m at today Jan. 2nd 2019 … it’s only day two and I feel amazingly excited about this new year and I feel in a very good place! I hope you are too!

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Til next time!

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