style love

while i was redoing the bits and bobs around the chalet - putting Christmas away -  i started thinking about design styles - specifically mine.

it's pretty obvious i lean toward traditional - there are four inherited pieces in this image (and more on the other side of the room), but i enjoy many different aesthetics - i also have chinoiserie and mid-century in this room - along with trendy touches from the IKEA lamp and my Target bits.

it's a conglomeration - is that a style?   insert emoji with hand on chin? HA!

livingroom wm .jpg

but, what if i could scrap it all? had a gazillion $$$  - what would i do?

so with that in mind - i'm presenting some of my IG friends whose styles i admire and desire.





Elizabeth @edbdesigns had me the minute i saw the expansive exposed beams in this lovely light-filled space and that wall.

well you all know my wish to #saynotoemptywalls. baskets on a wall=love to me!








Erin @francois_et_moi ability to combines neutrals and such delicious patterns - so effortlessly. resulting in a space filled with personality, not overwhelmed by any single element. 

that sectional is calling to me... it's saying momma come and relax!









aah Simone @honeyandfizz what's not to love about the stunning clean lines and brilliant pops of color!

don't you wish you had a surfboard in your livingroom?








Jane @jane_athome has all the blue and white a girl could dream of. her home is a study in luxury done unpretentiously. 

never letting her surroundings get stagnant Jane is constantly changing things up - furniture layouts, rugs, decorative elements.

it's so very enjoyable to watch! 








Jo @jogalbraithathome use of traditional pieces paired with rustic touches really speaks to me on a visceral level.

her use of blue throughout not only her livingroom but, her entire home is delightful.








Hayley @mumslittleloves has stunningly decorated her home with equal parts white and blue that only enhance the amazing pops of her favorite pink!

every room has a distinct point of view - but, all work together blissfully.




roomsauce 3.PNG




the secret is certainly in the @roomsauce Bev has layered all the ingredients together and the results speak for themselves. with a Julia Child inspired pegboard and a custom shelving unit - this space is wonderfully warm and inviting.




Nicole @sweet_domicile is a country girl making her second stint as a highrise dweller in Gotham.

her modern bohemian vibe is punctuated with tons of yummy blue and all her pretty plants. 

isn't it divine?



so tell me - would you chuck it all? build a castle around that heirloom piece or start a new aesthetic based on your latest curbside find?

make sure you check out the IG links for the lovely ladies featured.

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til next time.