winter games

we've been lucky enough to have had some snow - which has lead to all sorts of outdoor fun! of course i won't talk about how ridiculously cold it's been.

my husband and son are a really into it!



i was so excited for him when he got some air on that run! (please excuse the chainsaw-hubby was cutting up christmas trees for the firepit.) 


they were outside for hours.

clearing snow-1.jpg



since it was so cold our local pond froze. you must clear the snow before you can skate and that's exactly what my boys did... down to the park they went and cleared they did.





after a break for hot chocolate inside the pond house and a pit-stop at the chalet for a clothing swap and to get their hockey sticks - they were back for skating fun!







nothing makes me happier than my son enjoying the same simple things i did when i was a kiddo, skating on this pond and sledding - here i am Christmas day 1972 i remember how exciting it was to try and get the toboggan to run all the way down to street from the backyard.  pure joy!

2018-01-06 13.44.18-1 -1.jpeg



back when i was a child the pond house was a shack with a few benches and a pot belly stove. the Grover Cleveland Park Conservancy has taken amazing strides for the betterment of our local park - the new pond house is only one of them.








the pond in the winter of 1948.







 there was one lone gentleman out there Wednesday night when i snapped this on our way home from hockey.





the gang hit the slopes. this was my sons 3rd time and he improves every time he straps on his skis. he loves spending time with his Cousin Teensie (in the foreground) and my sister - Aunt Reen.





they had a great day at Camelback.


now, there's talk of a trip to Switzerland!





sk in davos.jpg



i shouldn't wonder - here's my hubby back in the early 90's in Davos.










snow is definitely a theme around the chalet


while i couldn't lay my hands on a picture of my hubby on the frozen lake behind his childhood home. i had to share this great image of his parents. Marge and Tom circa 1978.

do you skate, ski, sled or are you more of a sit by the fire kinda person?

til next time.