the chair

it all started because i wanted a chair... well, really it started because i wanted to redo the porch... wait - i guess if we start at the very beginning it began with the chair.

just the chair .jpg

yes - this chair... it's a family piece. it was my grandparents. it was in our den when i was growing up. oh it's grand - it's a brick S***house - heavy as all get-out - built to last - 100 years old.

original upholstery .PNG


it looked like this when my brother delivered it to the chalet. Yikes! it was rough and one of the arms was loose - with  the same heavy floral fabric Mom had done in the 1980's which i actually still liked.

emmett and i .jpg

the upholsterer Andy, who's such a great guy, told me the chair was french. i never knew.

oui c'est tres chic.




here i am with my nephew Emmett circa 1988. 

for 2 years it sat in the basement. because we knew it would be more than a bit of $$$ to redo. so it sat and all the while i kept thinking and talking about how it would end up in Liam's room. a sturdy chair he could grow into.

pop and nana chair in liams room.PNG




everyone agreed - it's divine. Andy did an amazing job - completely rebuilding parts. i chose a hard-wearing high quality microfiber. my son was happy.




the original layout for that side of porch - office waiting room .jpeg



...cut to the porch

if you're new here - you may not know we had a porch redo - a conversion - from outdoor to indoor space.

this image is from October. it looks perfectly fine - but after the Christmas tree was put away i wanted more. i wanted to balance the seating with the other end of the room. to get a great chair and utilize the ginormous  ottoman we have.


wayfair chair on porch.PNG

i went onto the interweb - and found a wingback - it landed on the porch last week. here's an image from my instastories.

let me add - i was in housewares design & product development for years and sold many chairs to catalogs. the idea of not being able to sit on something before i bought it didn't concern me.

but, it was not what i imagined. i sat and sat and it felt off - the room felt off - i was upset. what was the deal???

chair and storage .jpg


finally my husband asked me why i was fretting - we'd simple swap it out for Liam's; after all shouldn't i enjoy the chair. the chair i love - the chair we'd spent a gazillion dollars redoing? all i kept thinking was after all my build-up about how it would always be his - i was afraid my son would balk at relinquishing it.

of course my husband was right - he is only 6 years old after all and it was absolutely no big deal to him... he arrived home from school and happily assisted in the transfer.

after the switcharoo - here's his new chair - it has tufting detail.

pop and nana chair  fav-1.jpg

here's mine!!!

it looks lovely in the space! it works so well with my new Target metal accent table. the very best part - it's super comfy! i'm sitting in it right now!

have you ever changed your vision for a space?

til next time.