HEY 2018!

happy new year everyone!!!

at this time of year it's only natural to stock - think about what made us happy in 2017 and what plans do we have for the new year. so here goes...


i accomplished my biggest personal goal - getting this site up! woo hoo! thanks so very much to my amazing designer Kelly Christine of Kiki & Co.

there are some things about 2017 i look back on and think oh crap. i totally lost my way with my exercise routine!  Liam and i were walking to and from school - i was achieving a high heart rate walk 5 times a week.  i felt great but, once the rain and cold set in - and the need to get to the market or Target and get on my ToDOList - the walking stopped. ugh! i need to finally stop talking about getting in shape and just freakin' do it! just to be clear friends - my getting in shape is to fit into my clothing better not give up things i love like my daily dose of Prosecco.

i owe to myself and my boys - to take better care of myself.

i'm bummed i only read 6 actual books this year - you all know what a total #bookjunkie i am- so boo on me! gosh i read 18 in 2016 - i must set the technology aside and read more. 

hoopla capture.PNG

but, speaking of technology

i've mentioned it before but, if you still haven't checked Hoopla out you should. i listened to 8 books this year- mostly while walking - sometimes while cleaning the chalet. if i hadn't flaked on walking there would have been more - i even watched a few videos.


t and c 4 .jpg


i was blessed to reconnect with my bff. i hope 2018 we'll give us a chance for more time together.  thank god for facetime!

friendships are what sustain us in this life.




a colossal transformation in 2017 was the porch. my hubby redid it! can you believe the after ?!? turning what was outdoor space into interior space is a HUMONGOUS change for the chalet. cantilevered space over outdoor or garage space is never a good idea but, the craftsmen weren't thinking about that in 1924 when the chalet was built as a vacation home. now the bedrooms are warmer and quieter and we gained living space which is invaluable! this is something i can never ever thank Steven for enough.

thank you B xo


gallery wm.jpg

goals for 2018. 

liam on the couch in basment 3.jpg

some are chalet updates...swapping french doors for windows in Liam's bedroom.  i really want to tackle the basement. the walkout level has all the clutter because we don't have a single thing in our attic. i led the charge a year and a 1/2 ago and carved out a small play area with a tv and toy cubbies - you can see here -  but, we need finished space and another bath. we'll see how far we get on this project this year.

since i'm writing these down and putting them out into the universe i pray i will stick to them.

  • using my calendar everyday - to better use my time.
  • map out chaletmomma brand production: daily, weekly and monthly.
  • to plan meals and make less trips to the market.
  • use my crockpot more.
  • read more books - hopefully while sitting on the porch.
  • exercise.
  • clear out clutter quickly.
  • take items to the consignment shops regularly.
games -1.jpg
  • iron clothing weekly.
  • travel.
  • play more games.
  • go on more adventures with my boys.
  • to always have cheese, humus and yummy crackers in the chalet and ready for friends - anytime they can pop over!
  •  drink more Prosecco!


by doing the first thing on my list - i can certainly accomplish the rest!!!

real prosecco.PNG

what made you happy in 2017?

what do you want to accomplish in 2018?

do you follow me here?

til next time.