greetings all! i can't believe it's Wednesday already! we're headed off to see The Last Jedi! - can you all hear the screams of my infectious laughter ?1? we are HUGE Star War fans! Liam has watched all the films and as you can image has tons of Star Wars paraphernalia.

christmas eve tree .JPG



here's what the last few days have been like around the chalet!



my family visited Sunday for a lovely celebration - here 's what the tree looked like.



we had a ton of fun! drank and ate and ate some more... exchanged wonderful gifts. Liam had a ball with his cousins. here's my sister and i in fits of laughter... out of thirteen pics i love this one best! it sums us up - to a tee.

five bottles in 28hrs... not too shabby!


headed to bed in my kerchief and pa in his cap!  everything under the tree including the single gift from Mr. Claus in the red Santa paper - a Star Wars glow in the dark Nerf gun! (there's a theme!)

648am .jpg




we three in our matching Star Wars pj's had a stellar morning. my boys blessed with delightful gifts. Liam gave me the most gorgeous pine tree snowglobe - and since snowy is theme around here - it will be enjoyed year round. fred popped in to sit on some wrapping paper and get some cat treats!

Liam thought it was just really so nice of Santa to put his scooter together that Aunt Reen and Uncle Bobby gave him! HA!

chalet chalet chalet 2.jpg



my hubby found some unique additions for my collection!






we attended a joyous Christmas Mass Celebration then traveled to my Mother-In- Law's.



memmas house .JPG

look at Marge's amazing Christmas decor.  no room is left untouched - she's a creative marvel!






here is the stunning living room tree!









Marge is a partner in a real estate staging business Stage N Sell they stage to sell or for holidays - based in Warwick, NY, but they will travel to accommodate clients needs. check out their site.




space invaders -1.JPG


as you can image we spent yesterday sitting around getting over our food comas!


the boys were having a ton of fun playing Space Invaders!







more beautiful trees belonging to loved ones.

hoping your holidays were everything you dreamed of.

thank you so much for all your support. i truly appreciate your time - popping in here and for signing up for the mailing list. it means so very much to me. xoxoxo

happy new year!


til next time.