van Gogh

My son - who always has the best ideas - suggested I share a piece about Vincent van Gogh. I so hope you enjoy!

I can’t tell you how many images I’ve taken of this painting Roses over the years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art it’s one of my favorites. I recently watched Loving Vincent this film is incredible. Oil paintings come to life. If you have not watched you really should. Not only is it incredible to view but, it offers a different take on the painters life.

I love the above painting Oleanders so much I have a framed copy in the Chalet.

I took these images just a few weeks ago on the July 13, I was in the city to celebrate my birthday and what better way to spend an afternoon than wandering around the best place on earth! I’m excited to be sharing a piece about my visits to the Met in the upcoming weeks… I hope you’ll look for it!

The Self Portrait with a Straw Hat has a painting on obverse The Potato Peeler - it was extremely difficult to photograph - so I am sharing my image and the image from the Met Museum.

There are so many works by this amazing soul… I thought I would share some options that were available at the Kiosk outside the Gallery. You can find much more at the Met Museum Store.

Three Ink over Graphite works that hang in my sisters powder room.

Three Ink over Graphite works that hang in my sisters powder room.

The above images are from a 2006 Engagement Calendar - I love the variety of works included.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at this brilliant talent. Who is your favorite artist?

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Til next time!

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