My Dream Day

Since I’ll be celebrating my Birthday this week - I was thinking about - well Me - and that led me to think about….

My Dream Day!

with Aunt Marion a few weeks old.

with Aunt Marion a few weeks old.

I could certainly go all fancy fantasy - Paris, Hong Kong - maybe revisit a favorite haunt Bermuda, Chatham, MA or pop down to visit my BFF in Turks and Caicos but, my thoughts quickly fell to

New York City

and some of my very favorite places.

met building view.jpg

First stop would be the Metropolitan Museum of Art of course…

All my Met trips have been with my sister; from the first to see The Treasures of Tutankhamun in 1979 through our most recent in December. Liam was only 3 the first time he accompanied my sister Noreen, my niece Christina and I. I’m thrilled to say it’s one of his favorite places too!

boat basin view.jpg

After a little walk - into Central Park maybe to take in the view of the Boat Basin.

Then off to drinks at Center Bar Yum! Maybe I’ll enjoy a BFF cocktail that I had last month.


In my dreams we would be going to dine at Picholine but, alas Picholine is no more…I scoured the Internet for images of this extraordinary West 64th Street dining experience.


We are headed to The Whitby Bar & Restaurant for dinner.

* an addendum - due to the massive 7/13/2019 Power Outage we ended up dining at Del Posto

I found a few birthday images… My BFF Roschellie is featured in a few and in the last I’m giving my cousin Donnie his bottle of La Marca Prosecco as a party favor for a recent milestone birthday.

please follow along....PNG

For my birthday it would be terrific if you could follow along on all my platforms and I hope you’re signed up for the weekly emails. It would be so lovely if you would get a friend to sign up for my emails too! I work really hard on my blog posts and the Internet is a vast place my friends!

Til next time! This crab says thanks a million for being here! xoxoxo🦀

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