Chaletmomma Turns 2!

POP the Prosecco Friends!

I can’t believe year two is in the books! This past year has brought exciting growth. I’m thrilled with where the business is and I’m super stoked about where it’s headed!

When I started Chaletmomma I had an LLC and a dream! I knew I loved all of the following: chatting, my home, design and styling. I’m proud to say this is my 103rd post. This space has always been a little bit about me, a little bit about design with whatever strikes my fancy thrown in for good measure! I was pleased to write about my favorite books and have friends share theirs - now, there’s a permanent link to this article in my sidebar under my Current Read section. I love learning about people and sharing this knowledge with you my readers. - so it was a natural progression to incorporate interviews into the mix. I’ve published six:

  1. Friendly Introduction

  2. Dear Diane

  3. Lovely Ladies

  4. Amazing Abbey

  5. Awe Inspiring

  6. Give Me Moore

I redesigned my logos in 2019 I think Navy with Gold is so very me… it’s basic like a favorite navy tee topped off with a great necklace - everything needs a little touch of something!

Business Cards .jpg

This year we got real business cards…. I love ‘em and since I love notebooks…we have those too! Now, I’m always thinking about where else the Logo would look brilliant!

Art installation in a little boys room

Art installation in a little boys room

The reason for the cards…for a tool kit, for proposals and invoices - CLIENTS! I have had the best time realizing this dream of helping people feel better about their spaces both living and virtual ones - I’ve assisted clients with their websites as well as retail related queries.

I’ve always said that this space and Chaletmomma is about

Design Blog Brand.

Deck Refresh

Deck Refresh

The one aspect of Chaletmomma that continues to blow my mind is the connections… the wonderful friends I’ve made through social media - specifically Instagram. The growth of my brand has been helped exponentially by Instagram but, it’s not about followers for me. Its about connections. It’s about inspiration. I am beyond exited about the creatives I am fortunate enough to “meet”. They are friends be they someone who lovingly comments on my posts daily or simply likes a comment I leave for them. I have found designers and bloggers to follow and in turn collaborate with.

The friendship game is strong on the Gram and I’m a huge fan.

My top three images in 2019.

Thank you to my friends both in and out of design for having their businesses associated with Chaletmomma! Thank you to my advertisers! Thanks to my family. A humongous debt of gratitude to you my readers. I thank you all for being part of the Chaletmomma Family!

Til next time! xoxo

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