so long summer

We woke Sunday to a most chilly day! Brr Shiver it was 57* and raining! I know many are hankering for fall days - full of sweaters, plaid, pumpkins and sitting by the fire. But, sorry friends not this Momma... Nope! The weather in the Northeast means we usually have about five nice (warn to hot) months a year. So I hope you'll understand - I'm not in a rush to say so long summer.

pool with wm .jpg

I chose images from our time at the Swim Club to keep feeling summer - like! Enjoy!

pool with wm  2.jpg
pool with wm 6.jpg



This kiddo was thrilled to tackle the diving board this year!

pool with wm 3.jpg

The weather this summer was tough - lots of rainy days - but, if it was hot - we went and sometimes it was almost like our own private pool.

pool with wm 7.jpg
pool with wm 4.jpg




No one had more fun!

last pool image with out wm too large for watermark .jpg

I love this Image.

The sun low in the sky at the end of the day -  when the hardest decision all day was which Ice Cream to choose from the snack bar! Aah summertime I love you! I'm hopeful today may hit 80* and the weather fingers crossed might hang around for at least the week! Yay!

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Have a wonderful week! Til next time!

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