Ho Jo's

when i was growing up the 2nd week in August was always vacation. it was the only week my attorney father would take off -  because that was the week the courts were closed. so off we went and although the destination may have changed the accommodations never did.

we stayed at Howard Johnson's.

howard johnson motel image wm.jpg

i love these old advertisements.

inside the restaurant wm.jpg
know your states menu wm.jpg

not only did we stay at HoJo's when we traveled but, there was a location about 30 minutes from home and it was a favorite dining spot of dad's. yum for HoJo burgers!

ice cream advertisement wm.jpg

i have a Pinterest board devoted to HoJo.

ad for restaurant wm.jpg
1970's hojo wm.jpg
high rise hotel wm.jpg
road map wm.jpg

there wasn't anything that the didn't have their logo on. they sold ice cream, chewing gum, toys,  games - below is a piggy bank.they created the marketing we take as commonplace in 2018.

hojo bank wm.jpg

did you ever stay at Howard Johnson's? please share your recollections in the comments.

light up sign showing the way wm.jpg
please follow along....PNG

i know my love of orange and turquoise can be traced back to Howard Johnson! hahaha!

til next time.