best friends forever

this week has been a blur... my bestie was here visiting. yes - that bestie who lives here there and everywhere but, NJ! it made me think about us over the years.





look at us! we were in our 20's... ha!

us 3 - 1wm.jpeg






i was thrilled to hop on that jet plane last fall and visit her in Turks & Caicos




image montage with wm.jpg

clockwise: my friend Rob at my parents... one of my birthdays... she and her hubby the week of their wedding celebration... my 30th birthday.

corr family wm.jpeg

her family

tag day wm.jpeg

i apologize for the blurry image.

here we are in high school- Me, Michele, Ro, Elaine.

i wont say how many years we've known each other - i will only say we met when we were 12!






my 18th birthday










dead soldiers.jpg


just like last October there was much merriment and bubbly....





13 corks - not a bad # for 4 days.


such great visits with family and friends.


so happy to have my dear friend here at the chalet!

please follow along....PNG

i count myself blessed to have wonderful family and many dear friends... but, this remarkable woman is so very dear - we share a wonderful history and add so much to each other lives. i hope you have a bestie - someone who gets you completely.

til next time.