it's summer but...

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so here we are post Memorial Day  - just look at my cute boys walking in the Memorial Day Parade with the rest of the Little League! 


it's summer right? but, is it really??? my kiddo has three more weeks of school. ugh!  and the pool's only open on the weekends. waaahhh!


now that i'm blessed to have time to focus on my family - i want more summer - i want it more than i ever did when i was a kiddo. when you're young time is abstract.

i want more baseball. more beach-trips. more boat rides. more carnivals. more city trips. more days without alarm clocks. more fireworks. more time to wait for the ice cream truck. more museums. more pool time. more time looking up at the stars.

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i want to squeeze as much as i can into those upcoming 10 weeks. it's so very precious.

happy almost summer!

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til next time.

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