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as you know there are many different types of designs for websites and blogs but, my concept for chaletmomma never waivered - what you see here is the fruition of that dream. one detail that was super important to me was sharing a list of people / sites i admire and support.

i believe in working to lift others up - and knowing what a vast place the interweb is - when i find talent or anything else for that matter  that i'm excited about - i am compelled to share it.

i do list over-sharer as a personality characteristic on my about page HA!

so here are a few questions for you dear friend.

final list of friends.PNG


  • have you ever clicked the friends listed at right and popped over to their websites?

i've listed them again here with links to their sites. easy peasy! all have varied design styles and some are not actually designers but, their voices resonate with me and i believe they will with you.








  • have you clicked on the links under the logos of companies that support chaletmomma?




these companies are very significant to me - seven out of nine are run by friends.




i have additional internet friends that pop up in my inbox - sometimes daily sometimes less so... or some i visit because they don't having mailing lists -  i wanted to add them (because as an over-sharer how can i not???)

friend: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

on top of this are my IG buds... a bunch of compadres that write amazing blogs! 

i hope you found a few new friends here today.

please reach out in the comments below or email me directly to share some of your friends!

i will happily share!!!

please follow along....PNG

til next time.

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