fit for a king!

if you're reading this than you know me.... or a bit about me anyway and you know my last name is King and with a name like that you are bound to find collectibles with your name on it!

king syrup wm.jpg

this King syrup jar is one of the very first things husband and i thrifted together.

king jar wm.jpg

this King jelly jar was way too much money when i wanted to buy it!  Ha -  but i've yet to see another out there in all the various cities and states we've thrifted over these last 10 years. 

it's filled with hotel keys - all with a commonality of the word chalet in their tittle. the keys were a gift to me from my sweet husband.

this brick is something my husband had before he had me...  it lives in his office.

stacks and frost king -1.jpg

these two groupings sit on top of the television cabinet -

so many different objects all with King in their title. 

right hand side of the cabinet wm.jpg
art leaning on porch floor with wm.jpeg

our family has lovingly added many pieces to our collection. my sister and brother in law gave us both the Kings Highway Cape Cod Cranberries label and most recently the awesome King Po-T-Rik Molasses shopper at Christmas.

what do you collect?  do your friends and family help your growing obsession? tell us about the one thing you can never pass up?

please follow along....PNG

til next time.