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this week's post is about the latest bits and bobs around the chalet since my last major excursion to the Black Rose Antique Center in November.

vase for the last time wm.jpg


my most recent treasure showed up on my doorstep Monday. i was looking for a small blue and white vase and viola Shannon of  Pepper Leigh Eclectic showed me this adorable square container and here it is ... shopping with Shannon is always so easy-peasy!


 these were purchased March 2nd at my local consignment shop.

the Picasso book was $6 - granted the cover has seen better days but an art book for less than $10.00 Yes Yes Yes all day long. the inside is in great shape no foxing. the dish (or ashtray) was something i liked a lot and thought about; so of course when it was still there three weeks later - it was definitely coming home with me and the $7 price didn't hurt either!

winter scene wm.jpg


this sweet little etching was found at a favor haunt Valley Vintage. i am forever drawn to snowy images - there are so very many around the chalet.

brass bits wm.jpg



i mentioned Pepper Leigh Eclectic above -  I stumbled across Shannon's feed on IG a few months ago - it's full of charming decor: brass bits, blue and white ceramics, silver and silver plate - bowls, plates, trophies, vases and bar-ware accessories. you should definitely click on the link and pop over.

since my first purchase - the little brass box made from the cover of a water meter - i've become a bit of a regular. everything in this image is from Pepper Leigh Eclectic.

ever bought something and have it quickly turn into your go-to piece?  well this is exactly whats happened with the larger pitcher. it's been filled with blooms ever since it arrived at the chalet! i can't believe i didn't always own it!

consignment finds wm.jpg

i picked these up from that same consignment shop.

the little brass dish is Indian - and in fact i was actually looking for a little something  - a third piece to anchor the water meter box and a sweet marble dish on the porch side-table.

that is not usually the case i can assure you.  most things that end up in the chalet are just pretty things that have caught my eye or spark a memory.

the covered box is Tiffany. the pattern is called New York Toile. it's perfection.

IMG_2384 wm lighter and cropped .jpg



here's the corner of the porch - you see the trio on the side-table.


odd numbers are always more pleasing to the eye.


check out the clipper ship - this is another piece from Shannon. isn't it fun? it reminds me of oh so many seafood themed restaurants of my youth - likes Pate's on the cape.

IMG_2383 wm.jpg
prattware jar 2 wm.jpg

this antique blue ceramic Prattware meat jar was lovingly thrifted on my behalf by my sister and niece. i thank them very much. the color and the wild bore hunt scene are enchanting.


for the sake of my husband - there really hasn't been that much'll notice there are multiple pieces in some images! haha!

bits and bobs: "an assortment of small items"

are you constantly on the hunt?

are you picking up objects centered around a theme? a color palette? maybe around a hobby... i know many friends on IG are collecting needleworks lately.

tell us what you're shopping for?

til next time.

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