What's In A Card

The Christmas Themes continue over here at the Chalet! Today I’m sharing a bit about the special Christmas Cards I’ve incorporated into my decor.



I think you all know what a huge Nutcracker fan I am. This card from my husband for Christmas 2013 reappears as part of the decor every year.

I hope you can see how cute this pop-up card is we have for our Son this year.


These cards are from beloved family members who are no longer with us. I pull them out every year and am so happy to re-read their loving messages.

Helen Flemming

Helen Flemming

This is an original Water Color Christmas Card by a friend of my grandparents Helen Flemming. It was sent in the 1960’s to my parents. I re-framed last year.


You can see quite a few cards interspersed in the branches of our tree.



This cute Chalet card was a gift from my husband - he gifted it to me with hopes I would frame it and add it to the wall! You know my tag friends #saynotoemptywalls !

please follow along....PNG

Wishing you a Joyous Christmas!

Til next time!