welcome to chaletmomma!!!

as I type I think yay!!! my dream is realized! my site is up!

i'm crazy excited to begin!

you may be asking- begin what? what is this? what will i do here?

let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. i'm Meryl Gallagher King or Momma, Mae, Mel, Myrna - i answer to them all.  a new jersey born and raised wife, momma, sister, aunt, cousin and friend living an authentic life in a great town about an hour outside of manhattan. notice the word authentic – i am a real momma taking care of my loved ones; who include my kind hard-working encouraging hubby (chaletmister), our spectacular 6-year-old son (chaletboy) and our incredibly soft deaf old orange tabby cat (chaletcat). we live in a cozy 1924 chalet style cottage- this is why i am the #chaletmomma. (more about the chalet in a future post!) i married my hubby one year and one week after we met. he jokes that not only did he marry me, but, he married the town too, since i grew up here. what else can i tell you... my birthday falls under the sign of cancer the crab. the sign of home and hearth (hoarding) collecting comes naturally to me. i surround myself with treasures gathered over my entire life. orange is a theme in my life- which i'll get into in more detail in another post. but, if you're here you can see the color-story of this site is peppered with allot of this bright yummy hue. i'm a natural red-head (temper), a neat-nick which leads to constant reorganizing, i tweak the chalet daily. i am endlessly framing bits: photography, art: and in my world anything and everything is art! there is very little tabletop or wall space around the chalet but, that doesn't stop me! #saynotoemptywalls. i love books- the feel, texture, smell and especially reading them #bookjunkie. i've passed this love onto my son- yay!.he and i venture to the library weekly. one of my most cherished possessions is a copy of The Christmas Mouse by Miss Read i received when i was five.

  i am the chatty gal at the park looking for some dinner inspiration or asking you where you purchased the super cute top you're wearing.

  i plan on sharing ideas, adventures, my current read, cool products or recommendations about anything i come across. i plan on asking opinions. most of all i truly want to connect. i want you my readers to know what i’m loving and doing.

i’m so thrilled you’re joining me as i share musings on design, family and life!

i hope you'll sign up and join the mailing list...truth be told i'm not actually sure how often i'll be posting... but, we'll see!  ha!