tis the season

as i look around the chalet i think about the Christmases of my youth - i'm so very lucky to have so many bits that belonged to my parents that bring back so many marvelous memories. while Mommy didn't decorate to the extent i do -  she did do quite a bit - both the trees on my sideboard and in the bath were hers and are in the very same rooms she had them.

xmas 1970 mantle 2.jpg
choir boy.jpg


the mantel 1970- if you saw my IG feed last week - you know the littlest stocking was mine. Mommy always had real pine and holly boughs along with poinsettias and mistletoe. a lovely large pinecone decked out with mini ornaments my sister made held pride of place on the coffee table every year.





i love the choirboy candle holder from the 1950's - his sweet face makes me so very happy.


our 1984 tree! we always had a real tree - you can see my little stocking became an ornament!




our nativity - Mommy picked it up for a $1.00 at a rummage sale! maybe i get my thrifting gene from her! ha!



vintage ornaments best of the bunch.jpg





some of our most treasured possessions are the original shiny brites my parents bought for their first Christmas in 1955. we do have a bunch on our tree but, i love to showcase some of the extra specials ones in my favorite wooden bowl.


here's a collage from around the chalet! since the porch redo - we placed the tree out there this year.  you can see we have mittens as our stockings, but i do have a good number of different stockings as decor here and there. since we have a 6ft decorator tree - i love to light my Thyme Frasier Fir Candle and drink in all the yummy scent.


this astounding display isn't too far from the chalet... it's our own local "Griswold House". as you can image with a 6 yr old - we drive by often! ha! i read a fun idea in the latest the Magnolia Journal so friday night we surprised our son by putting him to bed and quickly saying -"only kidding" we piled in the car in our pj's and drove around town looking at all the wonderfully decorated homes.  it was so fun - i highly recommend!



the adorable santa mug and bell were my parents. i rotate the books on the end table during the season. tucked into the stack is a Little Golden Books copy of the Nutcracker - i adore that ballet - and my favorite composer is  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  check out the skaters on our local pond from 1948. i really try to place not only Christmas decor around the chalet but, seasonal as well.  this sweet cabin is actually a card my hubby found and gave me well before thanksgiving - knowing i'd want to frame it. the ceramic nativity is a new/old piece. i just picked up last week shopping at Valley Vintage.


well here's my mother Rita sitting on the floor Christmas 1980 - i'm sure she's telling some tale - she was very funny, saucy and much adored! her sister Marion is laughing on left as is her friend Angie on right and look i was finally upgraded to a proper stocking - she had knit one for me too!

enjoy one of my favorite scenes from A Christmas Carol  when Scrooge's nephew Fred brings some holiday cheer to lowly Bob Crachit. " A Cheering Warming Goodly Wine..."

i wish you and yours a very happy Hanukkah, a blessed Christmas, a marvelous Kwanzaa and a brilliant New Year! i hope we can all stop and really savor this time - it goes by so quickly!

tell us about your holiday traditions -

til next time.