It's All in the Family

I was looking around the Chalet and thinking about all our Art… if you follow along on IG than you know I’ve been working on the Upstairs Hall… All the Art came down, I selected new paint and the painting process is well at hand. I am also making decisions on what pieces will and will not stay and where they will go. I have been working to taking away Visual Clutter - since last summer - I started by restyling the Livingroom console table in August and it’s been a continuous process ever since.

But, I have Art by family and these pieces will always remain on display. These treasures I love so.



Liam has had the very good fortune to have the most wonderfully challenging Art Teacher. I love his take on Kandinsky and the beautiful Cherry Blossoms he created.



CHALET by your truly

CHALET by your truly

I’m a folk painter… neither very talented nor precise but, I do like to give it a whirl at times. I painted the Chalet years ago when our large American Beech tree took up most of the yard.



MUSING by your truly

MUSING by your truly

I always loved this image of a building that retained the outline of what was there - from the first time I saw it on my niece’s Christina’s IG feed.




Steven painted the view from inside the livingroom looking out years ago.

I presented Steven with this written scene from our favorite movie - Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

COW WITH SHADES by Donnie Gallagher

COW WITH SHADES by Donnie Gallagher

I have always loved Cows - so when my cousin Donnie said I could have this I was delighted!

OVERLOOK by Paul P. Zetts Sr.

OVERLOOK by Paul P. Zetts Sr.

Uncle Paul with Steven and Liam August 9, 2014

Uncle Paul with Steven and Liam August 9, 2014

My Uncle was a renaissance man - he had the ability to do many things well and one of those talents was artistic. I love this colored pencil drawing he did for a few reasons.

The inspiration was of a photo my next door neighbor took from his back garden of our shared view. I shared it through Social Media and Uncle Paul saw it. Having only the use of his left hand (he was originally a righty) and not even all his fingers after his stroke - he created this wonderful drawing and presented it to me. It leans against the wall in the Diningroom - it’s in my sight line whenever I sit at the table and I love it there.

All art by Liam J. King

All art by Liam J. King

When Liam was younger we had a bulletin board in the Diningroom full of his Pre-School Art. While nary a toy was ever seen on the first floor of the Chalet I always displayed his Art! I have this grouping in the stairwell leading to the basement. We travel this space multiple times a day… I’m thinking of adding cork to the walls… but, that’s part of the basement re-do - or maybe its just part of the Marie Kondo-ing that needs to happen down there.. but, that’s a whole other story…

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Do you have Art displayed you created or that your loved ones have? I’d love to hear about it or please email me a picture I can share in a future post!

Til next time.

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Two Ski or Not to Ski!


We had the best get away to Stratton Mountain, VT earlier this month. Steven, Liam and I headed out Friday the 8th and returned Monday the 11th.

Two of us ski - the boys - but, I’m always happy to go along!

My husband scoped out a place to meet up with the family and have lunch in Kingston, NY at the Bowery Dugout Restaurant. It was a kitschy place with delicious food.


Every parent at the Rest Stop in NY State was explaining to their children what this was…. LOL!

Of course we stopped at a favorite haunt - the Gristmill Antique Center in Troy, NY. We happily came home with a Currier and Ives book and a lovely etching of a Street full of Chalets.

Since that weekend - If I say Man Of Kent every skier knows this great tavern located on Rt. 7 in Hoosick Falls, NY for good reason - it is not to be missed! The family loves seeing the Medford Lakes, NJ Canoe Carnival Trivet on the Wall. We have family there and our late Uncle was a force behind this decades old - Floating Parade!


We rolled into Stratton just as the sun was setting… We drove past the village on the way to the condo we rented in Stratton Springs.

The condo was lovely with 3 bedrooms 3 baths and a lovely open kitchen with dining over looking a great room. The garage has been converted into a games room complete with a multi use table: ping pong top over a pool table. Liam had a ton of fun hanging with his cousin!

Saturday the skiers set off - Steven, my niece Christina, Liam and my sis Noreen - with extra hand warmers - the temperatures were hovering in the teens - overnight the winds hit 50mph.


Stratton has a lovely village full of shops and restaurants. My BIL (who doesn’t ski either) and I ventured to the Village to meet the gang for Lunch - both days we ate at Mulligans. The menu has delicious tavern fare and really wonderful sushi!

Saturday evening we dined at Verde’. The atmosphere and the food were delightful!

Love this video - you’ll hear my hubby’s voice - Liam is skiing with my sister and niece.

Scenes from Sunday’s ski adventures! Look how delightful Stratton is! I can’t recommend it enough. On Sunday afternoon we hit some of the shops and brought home a cute poster for Liam’s room from the Stratton Clothing Company and I grabbed the most delectable treats from Coyote - a newly opened espresso and dessert bar featuring local products and goods from the Stratton area.


Bromley Mountain… during the ride home.


We stopped at Big Moose Deli and Country Store…. there is a whole lotta fun and tasty stuff going on in there folks! Another must stop!

We bought our supply of syrup here and a bunch of penny candy sticks too!


It was a wonderful long weekend and know we’ll be heading back to Stratton next winter. Huge thanks to my sister for making it happen!

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Til next time!

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Magical Museums Part 2

In December we were lucky enough to get into the City twice (of course I mean New York City) . We visited the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here’s a peek at our day by Rock Center and the Met.

by the tree .jpg

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is every bit as majestic in person as it is in this image!

Well we did it… On December 27th we went by Rockefeller Center to see the Tree and went to the Met! I can’t say I will ever venture into Manhattan that week ever again - it was crazy crowded everywhere!


My second favorite place on the planet. 1. Being the Chalet 2. Is most definitely the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


In all my years of visiting the Met I have never seen so many people there! Here my sis and Liam by the Temple of Dendur.


When you miss your neighbors by 45 minutes… The young lady on the left is Liam’s babysitter!

FLW room long view.jpg

Even Liam likes the Frank Lloyd Wright room. The design and all the contents are lovely. We also go through the American Wing when we visit the Met.


The Jewelry exhibit was beautiful - the exhibit showcased jewels over the centuries. The Galleries were set in low light to allow the cases to be showcased. I only took a few images: the Louis Comfort Tiffany exquisite necklace, these bracelets - because I am all about bracelets! I am naked without mine. And on our way out Liam looked up and said “Mom look at the gold in the hair piece - that’s Egyptian and we’ve seen it before.” He was right on all counts.


In between a Manet and a Degas we have Boy In The Corner! Ha… Liam is a big fan of the Met it is the museum he has visited most and ever his mother’s son… he loves a trip to the gift shop! (Insert Hand over Face Emoji!)

I was especially happy to walk through the Impressionist Gallery and take in these masters - having just watched a wonderful two part documentary about the Impressionists. - I have linked the programs here - I can’t recommend viewing them enough!

I have more than one post card of this painting and every time I visit I take another image. It reminds me of my sister - she’s the first person who ever brought me to the Met - and I love this glorious painting. I love the subject - the seaside and a happy sunny day!

This painting has caught my eye before - but, this time I remarked how it reminded me of a painting by our family friend Helen Flemming (you may remember the Barn painting on the porch is by her) my sister agreed so I grabbed this image.


I love to admire the view of Manhattan from Weehawken, NJ when we leave the Ferry terminal.

Til next time!

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