Artistic Artery

I ‘m SO very happy with the design changes we made to the Chalet’s Hall.

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Let’s remember what the space looked like… We enjoyed the Benjamin Moore Hawthorn Yellow for 10 years but, it was time for a change.


Everyone who views this understands why my signature tag on IG is SayNoToEmptyWalls and my second IG feed bears that same handle @saynotoemptywalls.

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Pink was first used as a color name in the late 17th century. It is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and romance.

Although this was my project everyone got involved. Liam helped from the first trip to Home Depot for swatches to the final paint purchase Pink Prism and you can see he even did a bit of painting! After I spent two weeks cutting in around all the windows and many doors - Steven took pity on me and rolled the paint.


This lovely Egyptian Lady was the first piece I rehung. If you don’t think light plays with wall color… just look - it reads as two different shades. From here I moved around the space towards the stairs - rehanging the local history images and for the main stair wall I decided on a portrait gallery.


I was restrained as I worked my way around. I was determined to have it be purposeful and not hodgepodge. The Man With The Golden Helmet - a copy on canvas of the Rembrandt is always a focal point and he went right back on the same nail he was hung on before.


If you’re not familiar with the Chalet’s architecture - we have a center chimney which means we have two hallways upstairs around that chimney. The first has entrances to the bath, linen closet and L’s room - and here on this side we have this hall to the master. I left this space blank for a few weeks. I mean come on .. I am sooo in love with this color and I also needed to give myself time to map out the installation.


I knew this fine lady Camille (Camille Doncieux (1847 - 1879) the first wife of Claude Monet and the subject of - La Japonaise (Camille Monet in Japanese Costume) 1876, was coming out of storage to be placed in the center and that everything would radiate from her. - The original work is on display in Lorna and Robert Rosenberg Gallery #252 in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. A dear friend was there recently and sent me a picture of the original. (thanks so much Alison!)


Again, I was taking my time - Mrs. Monet sat here alone for well over a week… I had to feel what it would be. It had to evolve. I didn’t want to rush the process and be unhappy in the end.


I LOVE how it turned out. What seemed like such a large area was quickly filled but, I’ve managed to squeeze in 2 small pieces since this image was taken.

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Til next time - go grab a hammer and hang up some art or paint a space something unexpected!

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It's All in the Family

I was looking around the Chalet and thinking about all our Art… if you follow along on IG than you know I’ve been working on the Upstairs Hall… All the Art came down, I selected new paint and the painting process is well at hand. I am also making decisions on what pieces will and will not stay and where they will go. I have been working to taking away Visual Clutter - since last summer - I started by restyling the Livingroom console table in August and it’s been a continuous process ever since.

But, I have Art by family and these pieces will always remain on display. These treasures I love so.



Liam has had the very good fortune to have the most wonderfully challenging Art Teacher. I love his take on Kandinsky and the beautiful Cherry Blossoms he created.



CHALET by your truly

CHALET by your truly

I’m a folk painter… neither very talented nor precise but, I do like to give it a whirl at times. I painted the Chalet years ago when our large American Beech tree took up most of the yard.



MUSING by your truly

MUSING by your truly

I always loved this image of a building that retained the outline of what was there - from the first time I saw it on my niece’s Christina’s IG feed.




Steven painted the view from inside the livingroom looking out years ago.

I presented Steven with this written scene from our favorite movie - Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

COW WITH SHADES by Donnie Gallagher

COW WITH SHADES by Donnie Gallagher

I have always loved Cows - so when my cousin Donnie said I could have this I was delighted!

OVERLOOK by Paul P. Zetts Sr.

OVERLOOK by Paul P. Zetts Sr.

Uncle Paul with Steven and Liam August 9, 2014

Uncle Paul with Steven and Liam August 9, 2014

My Uncle was a renaissance man - he had the ability to do many things well and one of those talents was artistic. I love this colored pencil drawing he did for a few reasons.

The inspiration was of a photo my next door neighbor took from his back garden of our shared view. I shared it through Social Media and Uncle Paul saw it. Having only the use of his left hand (he was originally a righty) and not even all his fingers after his stroke - he created this wonderful drawing and presented it to me. It leans against the wall in the Diningroom - it’s in my sight line whenever I sit at the table and I love it there.

All art by Liam J. King

All art by Liam J. King

When Liam was younger we had a bulletin board in the Diningroom full of his Pre-School Art. While nary a toy was ever seen on the first floor of the Chalet I always displayed his Art! I have this grouping in the stairwell leading to the basement. We travel this space multiple times a day… I’m thinking of adding cork to the walls… but, that’s part of the basement re-do - or maybe its just part of the Marie Kondo-ing that needs to happen down there.. but, that’s a whole other story…

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Do you have Art displayed you created or that your loved ones have? I’d love to hear about it or please email me a picture I can share in a future post!

Til next time.

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Glittery Goodness


I recently installed a lovely Project 62 Mirror by the Front Door and it started me thinking about all the bright brass pieces around the Chalet.

I bought this Project 62 tray last year and I couldn’t be happier I did. I absolutely love the brass accent legs on my new coffee table from Home Sense. Isn’t my Bunny sweet from Urban Redeux. These Crate and Barrel wood & marble coasters are awesome!


Still loving every piece I’ve thrifted from Pepper Leigh Eclectic! This brass vessels help my flowers last a very long time. Here’s my recipe for long lasting blooms: Warm Water Metal container or a glass container with Pennies and I change the water every other day and I usually do not use flower fresh.


I’ve incorporated some bright bits on my desk…the framed photographs and the pen holder.


How fun is this clipper ship - and my Lion - both are treasures from Pepper Leigh Eclectic.

Honorable mention to the amazing bell that was part of a collection from my uncle - he lovingly gave to my son!


I’ve incorporated some gold accents in the corner gallery wall in the Livingroom too!


I’ve gone green and gold on the mantel! I love this thrifted watercolor of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica .


One of favorite pieces is this glittery K my sister gifted me a few Christmases ago! I love it!


Some keys pieces on the Porch are from Target: the Floor Lamp and Round Table.

This gold and brass trend started a few seasons ago but, I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Here are some current items you can add to your abode!

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west elm snip image for site.JPG
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Til next time!

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