Hello Summer 2019!


We’re currently at the beach! We decided Liam needed to experience fireworks while sitting on the beach and if we say beach we can only mean one place my friends - Ocean City, NJ. We know he will be thrilled. For years my sister and her family came to the beach that week and I was always lucky and blessed to be able to join them - as long as I brought a case of Heineken I was welcome! Ocean City is a dry town - a stop at Circle Liquors in Somers Point is mandatory before crossing the bridge!


This is the Lifeguard stand on our stretch of beach. We’ve been staying on St. Charles Place for years! We love being doors from the sand and Browns Restaurant - the makers of the best donuts in the entire world!

Nightview of the Ferris Wheel 2019.JPG

This week is about reconnecting with family. Relishing hours on the beach, playing card games, enjoying beautiful beach views while eating a ton of Manco & Manco pizza, walking the boards, getting delicious chocolate treats from Shriver’s, enjoying rides at Gillan’s Wonderland, shopping for a new T-shirt or two from Ocean Treasures, seeing how many rounds of Mini Golf we can fit in, dinner at the Crab Trap in Somers Point and doing our best not to get sunburned while savoring every minute!


Nothing beats Gillian’s for funnel cake, Kohrs ice cream, the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Scrambler, Bumper Cars and more!


Happy 4th of July everyone! Enjoy this wonderful Holiday celebrating America’s Birthday!

Til next time - I hope the weather is wonderful wherever you are!

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Spring Around the Chalet

This Spring was long in coming here in Northern New Jersey. We had buckets of rain and the temperatures stayed pretty chilly until just the end of last month - but friends it came and how lovely it all looked! We are on the cusp of the Summer Solstic and temperatures have remained pretty mild. Now, of course we want it to warm up so we can enjoy the swim club! ha!


We have a small Peonies bush.


The Bearded Irises spread every year.


These Siberian Irises were a gift from my sister - she brought some over from her garden!


Nothing better than these old growth Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurel.

Cherry Blossom.JPG

Our Cherry Blossom Tree is gorgeous - to think this was an add-on when we redid the landscaping in 2014.


We have two lilac bushes on the side of the house between the kitchen door and driveway and on the side of the garage - the blooms are many and they smell glorious! If only they didn’t make my nose run I would bring some inside.


These pots by the kitchen door are filled with chives and day-lilies.

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Til next time - I hope you get outdoors to enjoy the weather and some beautiful flora!

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Beautiful Blooms

Last week - last Wednesday in fact - I walked to School to pick Liam up as I do every day - I was out of the house for exactly 14 minutes door to door and I came back with bright red painful ears (I was bundled up and my ears were covered) the cold was intense 22 * and that wind!

As a dear friend said - “ March is awful, January and February get a bad wrap but, March really is the pits.” So with springtime a bit farther off here in Northern New Jersey I scrapped what I was going to publish today and decided we all needed to see some pretty flowers regardless if you are blessed with spring-like weather or not. Enjoy these beautiful images by some very lovely ladies and please pop over and give my friends some love and a follow!



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Have a delightful week - Til next time!

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