Terrific Titles

Over the last few months I’ve enjoyed the following:

Mary Poppins Comes Back: P.L. Travers - My opinion that Mary is not a soft touch has not changed… but, I enjoyed this story when she returned to the Banks children and 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

Brava Valentine: Andrianna Trigiani - I thoroughly enjoyed this story of the cautious Valentine Roncalli, her family and her family business the Angelini Shoe Company. I am a big fan of this author I loved The Shoemakers Wife. She has a large library of titles. I have a few on my To Be Read list - including: Kiss Carlo and Lucia Lucia.

The Good House: Ann Leary - What can I say… something I loved about this book I learned when I was finished reading it…. which is Ann Leary intended the book to go in another direction and the main character Hilde was not supposed to be the main character - But, Hilde took over the story because she’s quite a character… she likes her wine too much….

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: Margareta Magnusson - It’s a sweet book - it takes you through Mrs. Magnusson’s thoughts on keeping and letting go… This is not Marie Kondo - this is a very practical woman advising you to ask if anyone wants something and if they don’t - just get rid of it!

Every Last One: Anna Quindlen - This is a gripping novel… it went in a direction I never expected but, I was committed to seeing where it went and it left me better for having read it.

Joan Didion:Netflix Bio Pic The Center Will Not Hold.- I chose to watch this documentary of Ms Didion although I have yet to read her. I enjoyed learning about her life as her nephew Griffin Dunne interviewed her. She is a prolific author and I have added The Year of Magical Thinking to my reading list.

Gossip: Beth Gutcheon - I loved listening to Loviah French share the details of her life and her dearest friends since boarding school days (she was there on Scholarship). Now, as the proprietress of a high-end dress shop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side - she sees and knows all!

Pachinko: Min Jin Lee - This is the moving story of one Korean family through several generations - beginning in Korea in the early 1900’s and following them to Japan. Sunja is the lovely daughter who makes a hard choice and ends up in another country in exile. Her family endures much as foreigners in their new land.

Pachinko Luncheon.JPG

I was fortunate to attend The Friends of the Ridgewood Library 30th Annual Author Luncheon featuring Min Jin Lee on April 3rd. What a wonderful event and Miss Jin Lee was an exuberant and entertaining speaker. If you are local to Northern NJ I recommend getting on the mailing list. It was truly wonderful

If you are unfamiliar with this book and this author I can’t recommend it enough - and also I would recommend a book I read last year: White Chrysanthemum: Mary Lynn Bracht- I was unfamiliar with the history of Japans invasion of Korea and of girls kidnapped from their families This story is gripping and hit home with me as a sister and a woman. Hard to put down.

This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage: Ann Patchet - shares her life from childhood to the current day. I listened to this book through Hoopla and to Ms. Patchet reading it… It makes it all the better when the author reads their own words. I previously read Commonwealth and this book still pops into my brain.

Victoria on Masterpiece: Now, that Victoria on Masterpiece is over for the season…

I started watching quite a bit of You Tube. I love Fake or Fortune the fabulous BBC show that marries art and detective work - is that art on the wall a priceless Renoir or simply a good fake??? Oh and the art friends.. its all so beautiful!

But lets talk about my newest love! I am OBSESSED by all things Quintessence - Stacey Bewkes wonderful creation the Lifestyle Blog, the IG feed and The YouTube At Home Series hosted by Susanna Salk - offering access to the most magnificent designers and tastemakers in their homes around the globe - while Stacey films the beauty and conversation.

I have a way too long To Be Read list that currently numbers 98 titles - and growing daily! It includes Jane Erye, Crazy Rich Asians, the Poisonwood Bible - just to name a few.

I read fiction but, will read a biography - What Remains. I especially love historical fiction… give me New York City around 1900 and I’m there… The Angel of Darkness, The Waterworks but, I’ll share an in-depth list of recommended titles before summer starts - #bookjunkie

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Til next time friends!

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