Design Shift

Over the last few months I have made some design changes to the Chalet Livingroom - today I want to talk about the process.

mgk livingroom.png
console table

console table

Let’s start at the beginning… back in July I was lamenting… I didn’t like my livingroom… wah wah…

Should I swap the console table for the cabinet in the upstairs hall? I didn’t like my couch and for that matter I didn’t like the coffee table either… wah!

I was quickly encouraged - to restyle the console table - which I did… and viola’! Once lightened up with less - I was in love again! Removing frames and books made a huge difference!


Then I decided I needed to a new couch - if you read my piece from 11/14/2018 Couch - furniture for sitting or reclining. I went to Crate and Barrel and placed an order for the Montclair Sofa - Traxx fabric in Feather - it would be delivered in October. I kept looking around the room going piece by piece… what else could I change?

homesense sharing my image.png

Next up was a coffee table…. while I still love my bench… the rustic finishes were no longer where I wanted the livingroom to be… So I made my way to one of my very favorite retailers Home Sense. In my minds eye I knew what I wanted… and tho and behold it is exactly what I found… round and two tier! I am in love my friends and the brass accents on the legs are the crowning jewel!

top of tv cabinet.JPG

The next bit I tackled was the top of the television cabinet…. I put away a lot of decor.


I love how the top of the China Cabinet is styled. For some reason I had always resisted symmetry - I love my new Home Sense lamps! I was inspired by interior designer and friend Diane Rath - she actually picked up these very same lamps up for a client. Diane is someone I’ve seen use pairs of lamps successfully in her designs. I’m loving the deer art here too - I had never leaned art on a cabinet before… on the floor on the mantel on window sills but never when wall space was available. I grabbed this image prior to moving the Art that was hidden behind the lamp.

I reworked the sideboard as I was de-christmasing the chalet. I wanted to get a lighter brighter look in this area, but, before I went out and shopped for something new - I shopped my house. Moving this cloisonne lamp from the upstairs hall really made the area pop - especially since the lamp shade is white. I also took down a piece of artwork.


When we put the Chinese Cabinet back in the corner after Christmas I realized it needed a change too - and that change is this new lamp! I love the pop of white in this corner and yes it’s another Home Sense find! I can’t say it enough whenever I seek I always find it at Home Sense!


You can see in the above image I also organized the decor on my roll-top desk.

I love the new look of the chalet - it’s definitely more streamlined. This is where I’m headed with my design as we enter 2019. My former funky cacophony of crap decor style was adding to a sense of chaos. In general I am moving away from the look I liked for the last decade… it’s funny how things change and yet they circle back around; 20 years ago I decorated in a traditional vain and then I morphed into a more rustic look and now while I do wish to maintain an air of casual usability I want the chalet to be pulled together.

Traditional Casual with a touch of Chinoiserie is the new description of the Chalet!

please follow along....PNG

Next week I’ll be sharing the Images that are inspiring my thoughts for new floor coverings!

Til next time!

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2018 Top Nine

I was Intrigued by my Top Nine Instagram Images of 2018. It’s so interesting why some images get a lot of hearts… Ok let’s dive in!



Everyone loves a good Nutcracker and this grouping was a big hit! This image was posted on Friday November 30th. The only Friday of the group. We know the Gram is not usually in love with the small or angled but, #9 it is!

These two images show the before and after with our new Home Sense Coffee table! I had to share these in a grid image… a table change a different angle … a basket… Number eight was posted Monday October 22nd - I know a Monday right? Usually not a specifically high traffic day on the Gram. Number seven from Thursday August 23rd one of the three Thursdays that made the list.

number six

number six

My kiddo decorating the Tree was definitely a goody… and I will tell you I didn’t do anything but, grab a few snaps of him on Saturday December 1st. This was the first Christmas he was fully involved decorating the Tree and NO I did not move one thing he placed.

Our Cherry Blossom Tree from Saturday May 5th and this Chinoiserie Pumpkin posted Wednesday October 31st are both stunners and they got much love!

number three

number three

This image is tied to a Chaletmomma piece shared Wednesday December 12th; I tagged designers and friends in the image whom I wrote about in the piece Holiday Decor Round-Up.

number two

number two

Our twentieth wedding anniversary was cause for quite a celebration! I posted this image Thursday October 4th. It’s funny that although my IG feed ( both of them) is about Decor and this is my second most popular image. I wish I knew why this image resonated so. Was it because everyone loves a wedding? Or was it because there were people in it? Are faces missing from my feed? Or were people happy to see a couple reach this milestone? Please leave me a comment - I’d love to know what you think!

number one

number one

Well here it is! Number one is the porch I posted this Thursday May 24th. I invited friends to pop over to the Blog to read Galerie the post all about the transformation from outside galerie (what you call a porch in a Chalet) to our interior porch. I love this picture - the sun - all the lovely blue and white decor - the cow art and my fabulous Home Sense mid-century chair. This really is me from the ground up! I don’t follow any one point of view when it comes to decorating the Chalet!

In writing this piece I realized there was one Friday, one Monday, two Wednesdays, two Saturdays and three Thursday - posts are on the list. So obviously Thursday is an important day for me and the Gram! I don’t know if this will change what I post or not… only time will tell but, I didn’t post on Monday this week too busy with this and that and maybe if I was going to skip a day it would be a Tuesday going forward… My feed is still so small so I feel a lot of pressure to post everyday to not miss an opportunity to connect with someone. I’m pretty sure if you’re here reading this post than you follow me. Hopefully you follow both Chaletmomma and SayNoToEmptyWalls.

top nine image for piece .jpg

So here’s to you! To the fabulous community of friends that click that heart and spread joy!

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Til next time!

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Hey 2019!

real prosecco.PNG

Hey there friends! Happy Happy 2019! I was looking at the post I wrote entitled Hey 2018! and realizing that I still have many of the same goals this year… to exercise more… clear the clutter from the basement and always be ready with some Prosecco and a little yummy something on hand to welcome guests… so I guess what I’m saying is - I’m still me and I’m still trying to improve! HaHa!

I will continue to write and publish this blog weekly - I love the creative outlet it affords me. I know I’m a frustrated writer… (insert hand on chin emoji) would anyone care to hear the story of a little red haired girl from the burbs who always knew the life she wanted and was blessed enough to get it! With a bit of struggle thrown in?!?

Hey my life isn’t perfect - but, friends its all how you look at it. I have a wonderful husband and the most adorable very tall sweet boy in the planet - loving family and friends and an opportunity to chat with you all!

2018 was fun! I visited with far away friends. Met some lovely IG ladies IRL. Visited the Most Magical Place on Earth. I got into a groove with Chaletmomma, Instagram and Facebook. I increased my repertoire of meals. I expanded my role at church by joining groups and helping out with ministries and I even managed to do a little decorating around the chalet.

I feel good with the year that was; goals were accomplished. Redoing my son’s room replacing the french-doors with windows and the best part he loves it. I’m happy to report I played a lot of board games in 2018 - my son is a big fan of Pay Day and is very good at The Game of Life - recently had so many children they were falling out of his car!!!

insta pic of the room set up.JPG

One of my top priority in 2019 is finishing the updates to the Livingroom - I started restyling the space in July, in August I ordered a new couch the Montclair Sofa and then purchased a new coffee table the next step is new floor coverings… I know I will be selling my three (two 8x5, one 8 x 10) Pottery Barn Wool Darby Rugs.


diningroom rug.JPG

I think the feel I’m going for is something similar to the Moroccan rug we have in the Dining room. The Ground is cream with color on the edges and a center medallion. I like this direction… I like having a direction but, you never know… I say this now but, I might find something completely different today or tomorrow that I fall completely in love with. I also took a moment for reflection and was looking at inspirational images and the one that still resonates with me as much today as it did when I included it in last years piece Style Love published 1/10/18. Is Erin Francois living room - the light walls and sofa married with the lovely pattern play in her gorgeous rug… the space is bright and welcoming and exactly what I want to encapsulate in the chalet. Wish me luck!

I’ve spent the last few days de-christmasing the Chalet and in the process I organized and purged a lot from my Son’s room, the Livingroom and the Porch… I will working over the next few weeks organizing these items for donation and sale at my local consignment shop.

So that’s where I’m at today Jan. 2nd 2019 … it’s only day two and I feel amazingly excited about this new year and I feel in a very good place! I hope you are too!

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Til next time!

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