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Sometimes you meet someone and think - they’re awesome! So much so - that you want to share your little corner of the Interweb with them!

So please meet my friend Teri Moore. An Interior Designer living in Nashville with her wife, daughter, two cats and two fish. She’s very funny, talented, extremely helpful and likes wine - I’ve already said she’s awesome!

I asked Teri what she was like growing up.I was always one of those kids who wanted to be with adults. I craved attention from teachers, aunts, women in roles of authority my entire childhood. I abhorred being around people my own age. I have distinct memories of being forced to play with the other kids at social gatherings and thinking to myself that their conversations were so boring and remedial - AT AGE FIVE!

I think I came out of the womb as a 40-something.”

Kitchen and family room In Previous home

Kitchen and family room In Previous home

She went on to add: “Similarly, when the other girls my age were only focused on caring for their dolls, I was busy organizing and decorating my playhouse. No joke: I hung my first piece of framed artwork over the baby’s crib in my childhood playroom. I was probably six at the time and I found a hammer and a nail and installed it by myself.”

By the time Teri was in school she realized all the “good” TV came on during the day - when she was forced to be away - totally bored at school. “Learning came naturally for me. I was always the first to finish my lessons and the lack of stimuli really annoyed me. So I became very good at feigning illness.”

Teri and her older sister were latchkey kids because their parents worked two jobs. Teri often stayed home alone and spent her childhood “sick days” watching Martha Stewart, Christopher Lowell and Debbie Travis. “I baked myself cakes and pretended I was the head of the household. Have you ever known a child who spent her free time reorganizing the kitchen? No. Well, now you have! That was me!”

Teri can look back now on her early years and see she was destined to be a designer. At the time, however, it wasn’t her life’s passion. From the youngest age she’d always wanted to be a performer. From about 5th Grade she made a plan to become a stage actor and spent all of her free time working towards that goal. By 18, she was working as a professional actor and also teaching improvisation classes with a local group. She enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to study Theater but, only stayed a few weeks before having to leave and head back to Nashville to find a job due to finances.

At the same time, she began experiencing what she now knows were panic attacks. As her anxiety grew, she could no longer perform onstage.

I would feel a shortness of breath - even at the thought of being in front of a crowd. By my early 20s, I’d stopped acting altogether and had taken a job as a Sales Director for a local publishing company. My sales career was a successful one, though short-lived.”

entry hall in previous home. Teri Diy-ed the console table

entry hall in previous home. Teri Diy-ed the console table

In 2007 Teri bought her first house: a 1920s Craftsman Bungalow in desperate need of repair and renovations. Shortly after she and her partner began working on it, the recession hit and Teri lost her corporate job. It would be three years before she was able to find steady employment.


Luckily, Teri had honed a lot of renovation and DIY skills during the remodeling of that first house. Thanks to knowledgeable retired contractors at the local hardware store and a plethora of up-and-coming DIY blogs, she was able to teach herself how to use both hand and power tools. Those skills sustained her life during her unemployment.

While Teri was still job hunting she had a brainstorm - she started walking up and down the alleys in her neighborhood looking for discarded, broken furniture.

I brought each piece home and lovingly restored and resold them. It wasn’t an easy gig but, it put food on the table and it left me feeling a real sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for the first time since I’d quit acting.
Teri working on the diningroom in their previous home

Teri working on the diningroom in their previous home

In 2010, they’d sold that home and were living in an apartment; that didn’t really leave room for furniture refinishing projects. Teri took a job in Corporate Healthcare, she loathed the work both mentally and morally; but it allowed her to work from home. Because her panic attacks had become debilitating during her 20s, she couldn’t drive. As a result, she staying in that position for seven years! “To offset my boredom at work, my wife Christine and I began buying and renovating houses. We sold each house for a profit after the renovations. Once again, a lot of the work in each house was completed by us. Our friends and neighbors noticed that our homes were always beautifully designed and would ask for our decorating sources and contractors (spoiler: it was me!)”

Teri in her beautiful finished design

Teri in her beautiful finished design

She went on to say that for six years she assisted friends and family with renovations and designing their spaces. Still she never once considered doing this for a living. She didn’t think anyone would actually pay her for the work she was doing. After all, she had no formal education in design.


I asked Teri if this was when she made the leap and started T. Moore Home - she paused and said it’s wasn’t a direct route.

Teri openly shared her struggle after giving birth to their daughter. “After our daughter was born, I suffered a long bout of Postpartum Depression that kicked my anxiety into high gear. For nearly two years, I could barely leave our home at all without a panic attack. My mental health was in shambles and it was taking my marriage with it."

Finally in 2017 Teri sought help from a doctor who was able to differentiate her symptoms from Depression. The doctor immediately took her off her Depression medicine, diagnosed her with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and prescribed an SNRI (Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor).

I cannot stress this enough: That small switch has completely altered the course of my life. After a few months on the SNRI, I was able to see in vivid color again. I could feel joy and anticipation wasn’t marred by dread. I felt as alive and energetic as I had in my teen years.

At that same time, the family moved into a home that didn’t need any renovations. However, their new next door neighbor had completely gutted his house after a fire and was in the beginning stages of renovation. After a few weeks of chatting casually about his design plans, he asked Teri to oversee the project as the Lead Designer. She was thrilled and shocked! “He wanted to pay me to do that thing I’d always just done for free!?!”

Teri and her wife Christine in their previous homes office space

Teri and her wife Christine in their previous homes office space

Within a month, Teri had gotten her business license, registered an LLC and built a website. Without even discussing it with her wife Christine, she began calculating business costs and building a new dream for herself.“It took me a while to feel confident enough to leave my corporate job and there are times when I still feel the pressure of running a business by myself and being solely responsible for producing income. But in 2018, I decided to focus all my energy on my business and left the corporate world behind.”

Teri Moore Office (2).jpg

I complimented Teri telling her that not only did I love her design work but, that I am so impressed with her as a blogger. She offers a plethora of DIY knowledge along with information about websites and the back end of blogging to her readers. I asked her if she’s always had this easy I’m here to help philosophy. Aw, thank you! That makes me feel so good! That’s exactly why I do it, I’m sure! I love praise at some inherent, visceral level. Ha! But seriously, I grew up in a house that wasn’t a home. I dreaded walking through the door every afternoon and I couldn’t wait to build my own life with a home that felt like a sanctuary for me.”

Powder room in previous house

Powder room in previous house

Teri went on to share: “In my adult life, I’ve extended that theory that everyone deserves a home that evokes solace through my business. However, I don’t believe that right is exclusive to those who have a lot of money. I keep my rates as low as I possibly can without bankrupting my family. Even then, I know the majority of people still can’t afford to hire someone to come make their homes beautiful. So I like to provide tips and tutorials for people so that they can experience the luxury of having a beautiful home, regardless of ability to pay for it.”

She went on to add that she’s going to her grave as a DIYer. She likes getting lost in a pile of scrap wood and coming out the other end with something she can be proud of. Since she’s doing the project anyway she muses: “Why not photograph them and let other people get inspired to tackle their own projects?” She did admit writing the blog is a ton of work and might stop some day. But, for now she’s enjoying it and while not massively financially rewarding, it makes her happy to do it.

Client Concept Board

Client Concept Board

I asked Teri what her goals were for the rest of 2019.

  • When I started my business, I was offering only eDesign services to nationwide clients. Slowly, the business has evolved and I’ve begun taking on more full-service, local design projects. My goal for 2019 is to shift the focus of my design work to 90% local design. 

  • I also plan to open a very niche service that will assist in designing, organizing, and planning home offices for the large portion of Nashvillians who work from home. Working from home can be difficult without a good plan in place. Since I have so much experience with the ins and outs of telecommuting, I want to pass along my knowledge to those who find themselves in this lucky position. 

  • On a more personal level, I want to simplify my life. The past few years have been really hectic. My work hours have been kind of crazy and I’m finally in a place with my business that makes a more traditional 40-hour work week feel achievable. 

New Home in east Nashville

New Home in east Nashville

  • We recently moved back to our beloved neighborhood of East Nashville, where my home renovation journey began over 12 years ago and we bought a much smaller house. Our house is almost 100 years old and needs A LOT of work. While I’d really like to start tackling projects straight away, I want to take it all in first. I want to walk to the park with my wife and daughter; to enjoy evenings on the front porch with friends. I want to get back to living again. I love my business - I really do! - but I love my family and I’d love to see them more. 

T.Moore Home Logo

T.Moore Home Logo

I want to share with you all that Teri is always accepting new design clients. Her phone consultations are free and all rates are posted on her website.

For free design tips and project ideas, everyone can follow the blog at T Moore Home.

Teri LOVES her Instagram family. She’s a huge fan of supporting other designers, bloggers (I can attest to this - she has shared me and her logo in my sidebar). Her actual family is also super funny, she shares a lot about her personal life in her Instagram Stories. Teri also looks to amplifying the voices of the undeserved communities worldwide. She offers mindful talk about many subjects the human race struggle with. Follow her here.

I hope you have enjoyed getting a peek at this talented lady - I’ve enjoyed introducing you!

Til next time friends!

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Seeing Red

I recently saw an image of a red room that got my juices flowing… so I thought a-ha yes, I need to share a piece dedicated to this amazing hue! Let’s take a peek at Red in design.

RED: a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby or is that of the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum. Merriam-Webster

We all know what an incredible impact color has on our emotions. Red is the color of blood and fire. It is tied to love, passion as well as anger and danger. It never fails to pop when used in design.

Other words that represent the color red: blood red, brick, burgundy, crimson, cinnabar, fire engine red, flame, Indian red, maroon, rouge, rose, ruby, russet, rust, scarlet, tomato red, vermilion.

The color red is highly visible and grabs attention quickly; enabling the eye to focus. It’s the reason it’s associated with danger and why fire trucks, stop signs and flashing lights are red.

Red has different meanings in other cultures. In China red is used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity. You are presented with a Red Envelope (filled with money) for special occasions.

In South Africa red is the color of mourning.

A Ruby gemstone is traditionally red and symbolizes courage, life force and passion.

Here are some phrases associated with red.

  • “red eye” is an overnight airline flight.

  • “red flag” something that attracts negative attention or cause for concern.

  • “red herring” is something that distracts attention from the main issue. A diversion.

  • “in the red” means loss of money.

  • to paint the town red” means to celebrate.

  • “seeing red” means anger.

  • “red carpet treatment” to treat someone exceptionally well. a VIP.

Do you use the color red in your decor? The next time you’re thinking about your space try adding a touch of this brilliant hue!

Til next time!

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My Take Away from Summer '19

As most bloggers - I have a content calendar - but, I changed it up to add this post. As a Cancerian I am all about history… be it the larger scope of the world or my own personal history. This week I’m taking a deep dive into how we spent our Summer.

Swim Club.JPG
Jackels Game.JPG

We’re so lucky to be able to join our local Swim Club and spend most days (although our weather was a bit iffy this year) there. I match my schedule to my son’s in the summer and I don’t work much.

The boys love to take in a Jackals Game over at the Yogi Berra Stadium at Montclair State University.

ferris wheel.JPG
Birthday Boy.jpg

We went to Ocean City, NJ and had a wonderful week of sun and sand with our family. We celebrated L’s 8th birthday and Independence day while we were there and we were blessed with stellar weather.


My birthday is mid -July and I had a weekend of fun with family and friends. There was sushi, my favorite cupcakes and fireworks.


The next day was a visit to the most magical place on earth… the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed by drinks at Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle and Dinner at Del Posto (after the Mid-Town power outage made dining at The Whitby Bar and Restaurant impossible)

Goalie .JPG

There was Hockey Camp at Floyd Hall Area at Montclair State University.

We enjoyed a quick trip to Hershey Park, PA.


Any days the weather allowed - we enjoyed the pool. I can’t believe I caught this shot!

bff .JPG

I was blessed to share a lovely evening with my best friend… she lives in Turks and Caicos and was passing through New Jersey. All I can say is thank God for Face Time friends!

the Vessel.jpg

After dodging a crazy pop-up storm I made it into the City without getting drenched a few weeks ago for the Bryan Ferry Show at the United Palace - but, first we popped up on the High Line for a bit before heading to Crave Fishbar for dinner.

Nothing fosters a sense of partnership better than an intense day of moving rocks. My Hubby and I got to enjoy a rare evening out - just us two.

Metropolitan Museum of Art.jpg

We closed out the season with a marathon day at the Met. We covered more galleries last Thursday (8/29/19) than I ever have in all the many years I’ve been visiting this amazing institution. Then we had a delicious dinner at Stella 34 Trattoria & Bar on the 6th floor in Macy’s Herald Square. My niece’s office is on 7th so its a great location to meet up and the food is superb along with a wonderful view of the Empire State Building! Of course we had to pop into the Story store before we headed out of Macy’s to the Ferry.



I grabbed this image our last day at the swim club.

Cheers to a wonderful Summer .JPG

I hope your summer was fantastic! Til next time. xoxo

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