I have a breadth of knowledge in the following:

    • Design and Styling

    • Art Installation

    • Organization

    • Pillow Slipcover Fabrication

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Customer Service

    • Merchandising

Initial consultation fee $75.00

Initial Consultation Fee $75.00

Do you need help with:

  • Designing or Styling your space?

  • Finding that perfect piece?

  • Hanging a gallery wall?

  • Sourcing artwork?

  • Choosing paint colors?

  • Discovering your design aesthetic?

Let’s meet and for a one time fee of $75.00; I will listen to your wishes and develop a design strategy to best achieve your goal. Additional meetings will be at my hourly rate.

design and styling.JPG

$60/Per Hour

Ok lets do it! We’ll figure out how you want your space to feel and function and we’ll decide on a design plan. Remember this is your space!

Art install

Art install

Let’s move that furniture. Hang that art. Restyle those shelves. Let’s shop your home and with a new set of eyes to freshen the space. Want a quick change - I’ll sew Pillow Slipcovers.

$60.00 Per Hour

$60/Per Hour

Having difficulty finding that perfect piece for your space.

Shopping for trimmings

Shopping for trimmings

I’m happy to hit the stores and take on that search. Want another opinion during your shopping excursion; I will happily accompany you - live or via mobile.

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marketing your business.JPG

$60/Per Hour

Need to understand marketing and pricing for products or services - I will do the research. based on the findings along with overs 30 years in Merchandising, Wholesale, Product Development and Marketing we will decide on your go-forward plan to success.

I understand color theory and consistency in website design. I have assisted clients with taking their websites to the next level. I will do the same for you.

I am a Curator.

Design is my Life.


Thank you for reviewing my services - I can’t wait to work with you!


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