rugs rugs rugs!!!

i receive lots of questions relating to the many rugs we have in chalet.

  1. how did i choose my rugs?
  2. pattern matching or mismatching?
  3. what do i look for?
front door rug wm.jpg

let's start with # 1. i definitely know what i like! and from the cacophony of styles in the chalet you know i am a fan of many design aesthetics, but, i've never purhased a rug on a whim - all were sought specific spaces and designs in mind.

a few have moved around the chalet and they work or i make them work - because i refuse to think it won't work but, maybe i'm nuts... ha!

i love the pattern of this round cotton rug from Home Decorators Collection. i think it's perfect in our little entryway.

livingroom 3 wm.jpg

these wool rugs are Pottery Barn purchased 10 years ago on sale. we have three rugs that make up the Livingroom and Den area - two 8 x 5's, and one 10 x 8.

livingroom best image of the rugs wm.jpg

in this image you can see the Den seating area - at the time i wanted one large rug and we couldn't afford it, so building the room this way made sense. to the eye the pattern continues so the multiple rugs don't jump out at you. i tell friends all the time you can make anything work if you love it.

diningroom wm.jpg

#2. well, i would never say i set out to mismatch - to my eye it all goes together. the designs and color-stories may vary a bit but, since the floor plan is open and the majority of the furnishings are balanced with black - it all works.

the wool Moroccan Tribal rug - which was gifted to us by my husband's father is a favorite. i love the colors and the uniqueness of the pattern. we were so lucky with the size. nothing is worse than a too small rug especially under a dining area.

porch wm.jpg

#3. i look for color, pattern and natural materials.

sometimes the decisions is color driven - i originally was going for navy but, when i stumbled across this rug on Wayfair i fell in love with the subtle pale grey pattern. here we again have three of the same patterned rugs spread over one space.

hallway 1 wm .jpg

upstairs in the hall we have three rugs - this time of different designs encircling the center chimney. the first heading toward Liam's bedroom is from The Home Depot it's beige with a taupe and light blue pattern.

hallway 3 wm.jpg

this black runner was the first rug that i installed upstairs. i wanted to not only warm up the space but, i needed to deaden some of the sound as well.

a few years ago we realized our son wanted to hang out in the hall and play on the floor - especially if my husband was in his office. i got out my computer and found this 4x4 number from Home Decorators Collection. 

master bedroom more rug bad lighting  cropped wm.jpg



the master bedroom rug is the Henley from Pottery Barn -  a two tone beige hand tufted wool.  although, not my usual M.O. i decided to forgo a pattern on the floor in this space. it felt right to let the draperies and art take center stage in the rooms design.

IMG_6701-1 wm.JPG
IMG_6741-1 wm.jpg


i love the squares in my son's Home Depot nylon carpeting. we lucked out - it's almost wall to wall. in my piece Liam's Lair I shared the original design - it started with a square motif bedding pattern chosen while i was pregnant.


for his recent room redo i picked up this shaggy polyester navy number at Target. he loves to pretend it's an ocean and it helps pull a bit more blue around the room.

there are a few designs currently in our basement. you'll notice there is a larger matching blue wool oriental in my husbands office - they are the most fetching vintage Drexel Heritage rugs from the 1970's that my Mother in Law gifted us. they were originally in the Livingroom at our old house and here too.  the maroon is a Home Goods find. it is wool and is hands down the softest rug in the chalet. it was originally in our master bedroom. i am very pleased my son and his friends have a soft rug to play on. i did try and use it upstairs in the hall but, unfortunately it was too large.

please follow along....PNG

so there you have it - a study of the chalet floor coverings. i have a type of pattern my eye is drawn to but, there is a bit of diversity as well.   i tend to like natural fibers for feel and color.

are your rugs and carpets different in different areas of your home?

or do you gravitate toward the same designs?

i'd love to know!

til next time.



in thinking about this weeks post i looked around the chalet and immediately i knew -


quote with blue background.PNG

like my quote? feel free to use it -HA!  i am someone who can never do one of anything... not a single scoop of ice cream, not one glass of prosecco or only one piece of art #saynotoemptywalls i collect books to read, to admire, to live with.

i am a bookjunkie.

current library books WM.jpg
pilr under the desk .jpg

Liam is enrolled in a weekly gardening club at our library. so of course i bring home books... on top of the books i have in the TOBEREAD basket under my roll-top desk and the books i am currently listening to through the Hoopla app.

if you're new around the chalet you may not have heard of my Hoopla love! as my time gets eaten up with chaletmomma-ing, work, volunteering etc... it's lovely to listen to a book while i do my merry-maid impression or take a walk (the weather warmed up - i started walking again - break out the confetti! ha).

Heirloom Modern by Hollister Hovey was a must get after Gwen Heffner the makerista storied about her copy on IG. it's filled with amazing images and much beloved objects. this book is right up my alley.





in the past few months i have added volumes through thrifting.- the Van Gogh, America and Alfred Stieglitz, Faberge - these along with others picked up while shopping and museum vising are taking up residence on the porch side table - until i can figure out where they will live

such problems!











i stumbled across this amazing life history of Charles Dicken's - one of my favorite authors in the clearance section (tear on the cover) of my Home Sense store. it has fold out sleeves that contain replicas of documents from his life! i mean it doesn't get any better than this!


combining history and kitch - what could be better! reminds me of author Nick Bantock his stuff is so creative. his Griffin and Sabine series is magical. check it out....


i read Truman Capote works : A Christmas Memory and The Thanksgiving Visitor last year and i'm so pleased to add this to my permanent collection!

read volumns.PNG

here's what i've been reading - I enjoyed each! the only thing i am not a fan of is scary - no Stephen King for this momma. although - i do own Caleb Carr but, the titles i love are based in Manhattan during the turn of the last century - i am a huge fan of historical fiction -  now i have to mention two more books from my collection - that feel similar - The Waterworks by E.L. Doctorow and Time and Again by Jack Finney.



current read: 

Rosemary the Hidden Kennedy Daughter.


list of my recent favorites:



  • book-lover? 

  • hardcovers or e-readers? 

  • library or shopping?

whats the best title you've come across lately?

please follow along....PNG

you can check out my past post thankful for the written word to see more of my books!

til next time.


fit for a king!

if you're reading this than you know me.... or a bit about me anyway and you know my last name is King and with a name like that you are bound to find collectibles with your name on it!

king syrup wm.jpg

this King syrup jar is one of the very first things husband and i thrifted together.

king jar wm.jpg

this King jelly jar was way too much money when i wanted to buy it!  Ha -  but i've yet to see another out there in all the various cities and states we've thrifted over these last 10 years. 

it's filled with hotel keys - all with a commonality of the word chalet in their tittle. the keys were a gift to me from my sweet husband.

this brick is something my husband had before he had me...  it lives in his office.

stacks and frost king -1.jpg

these two groupings sit on top of the television cabinet -

so many different objects all with King in their title. 

right hand side of the cabinet wm.jpg
art leaning on porch floor with wm.jpeg

our family has lovingly added many pieces to our collection. my sister and brother in law gave us both the Kings Highway Cape Cod Cranberries label and most recently the awesome King Po-T-Rik Molasses shopper at Christmas.

what do you collect?  do your friends and family help your growing obsession? tell us about the one thing you can never pass up?

please follow along....PNG

til next time.