English Emollinents

Do you remember when your Gran had a collection of yummy English soaps and lotions and they smelled dreamy… Well friends today I’m sharing the best of the best - A new English Artisan Soap Maker Virginia Coram - they have the most delicious soaps and lotions. All are vegan, pure plant based and amazing!

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Could you just die over the marvelous packaging? The care and attention paid to the way these items arrive on your doorstep is second to none!

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Let’s talk about the ingredients in these scrumptious scents and what they smell like! -

All the scents listed below contain Olive, Coconut and Sunflower Oils.

Rose Geranium and Sage: Contains Rose and Sage. The scent envelops you in Roses with a serious hint of Sage. It’s and unexpected and delightful mix!

Potting Shed: Contains Rosemary, Pine and Tea Tree. The scent is outdoorsy pine which is very rich and full!

Butlers Soap: Contains Frankincense and Black Pepper. This is the most fragrant and perfumed of the whole lot. I found it deeply delicious! This is my personal favorite.

Governess’s Soap: Contains Orange, Lavender and Vanilla. The scent is a citrusy lavender mix that is refreshingly pure!

Artisan Lotion: Contains Neroli, Sandalwood and Citrus. The scent has the most masculine notes due to the Sandalwood and it’s lovely!

Bootroom Lotion: Contains Vetirent, Majoram and Bay. This scent reminds me of old-fashioned soap it’s wholesome and clean!

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I highly recommend visiting the shop my friends to place an order or two or three for the holidays! In addition to the offerings here there are also bar soaps and bath oils!

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To receive 15% all orders placed by 12/31/2018 totaling $40.00 or more use Code:


Happy Shopping!

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Couch - furniture for sitting or reclining

If you follow along on IG and of course you do - haha! than you’ve seen the new additions around the Chalet livingroom. In today’s post - I’m focusing on arguably the largest and most important element in the room. The Couch. I will forever say Couch because I looked up the definition of Sofa, Davenport and Couch and discovered the first two both state they may be convertible into a bed. So Couch it is!

West Elm: Goodwin

West Elm: Goodwin

This is the best image I could find of our now discontinued old couch The Goodwin from West Elm. It served us well for 10+ years and will continue to; now that we’ve moved it into the basement playroom.

You’ll notice a theme - I like simple 2 cushion - clean lines.

Pottery Barn Carlisle

Pottery Barn Carlisle

Because I am a realist - even when it comes to decor I won’t let myself fall in love with something I can’t afford. My list of new couch options was short. While we do have Pottery Barn rugs in our livingroom - and that room is even featured on the Pottery Barn site - I only liked one option from them the Carlisle - but, the very low arms which I thought I loved on-line didn’t work well when I saw it in person.

Onto my go-to retailer for many items in the Chalet over the years - Crate & Barrel and they did not disappoint!

After researching on-line these were my top picks … I know they are all mid-century in feel and I wasn’t sure how that would play out with the other pieces we have but, after taking a single turn around the Mall at Short Hills location my heart and my behind quickly fell in deep love with - the Montclair!



montclair ottoman.jpeg

We also bought the matching ottoman. Our livingroom is too tight for a sectional - so having an ottoman against the couch offers that functionality and the ability to move it out of the way or to be used as extra seating.

The other important point that made Crate & Barrel rise to the top is how customizable the pieces are. You can choose arms type, leg finish and fabric.

2018-10-29 13.55.14.JPG
fabric close up .jpg

Its a cotton poly blend fabric with a herringbone pattern mix of beige, white, taupe and grey mixed in. I’m in heaven! I’ll write about the rest of the changes in a future post!

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Til next time.