My Take Away from Summer '19

As most bloggers - I have a content calendar - but, I changed it up to add this post. As a Cancerian I am all about history… be it the larger scope of the world or my own personal history. This week I’m taking a deep dive into how we spent our Summer.

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Jackels Game.JPG

We’re so lucky to be able to join our local Swim Club and spend most days (although our weather was a bit iffy this year) there. I match my schedule to my son’s in the summer and I don’t work much.

The boys love to take in a Jackals Game over at the Yogi Berra Stadium at Montclair State University.

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Birthday Boy.jpg

We went to Ocean City, NJ and had a wonderful week of sun and sand with our family. We celebrated L’s 8th birthday and Independence day while we were there and we were blessed with stellar weather.


My birthday is mid -July and I had a weekend of fun with family and friends. There was sushi, my favorite cupcakes and fireworks.


The next day was a visit to the most magical place on earth… the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed by drinks at Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle and Dinner at Del Posto (after the Mid-Town power outage made dining at The Whitby Bar and Restaurant impossible)

Goalie .JPG

There was Hockey Camp at Floyd Hall Area at Montclair State University.

We enjoyed a quick trip to Hershey Park, PA.


Any days the weather allowed - we enjoyed the pool. I can’t believe I caught this shot!

bff .JPG

I was blessed to share a lovely evening with my best friend… she lives in Turks and Caicos and was passing through New Jersey. All I can say is thank God for Face Time friends!

the Vessel.jpg

After dodging a crazy pop-up storm I made it into the City without getting drenched a few weeks ago for the Bryan Ferry Show at the United Palace - but, first we popped up on the High Line for a bit before heading to Crave Fishbar for dinner.

Nothing fosters a sense of partnership better than an intense day of moving rocks. My Hubby and I got to enjoy a rare evening out - just us two.

Metropolitan Museum of Art.jpg

We closed out the season with a marathon day at the Met. We covered more galleries last Thursday (8/29/19) than I ever have in all the many years I’ve been visiting this amazing institution. Then we had a delicious dinner at Stella 34 Trattoria & Bar on the 6th floor in Macy’s Herald Square. My niece’s office is on 7th so its a great location to meet up and the food is superb along with a wonderful view of the Empire State Building! Of course we had to pop into the Story store before we headed out of Macy’s to the Ferry.



I grabbed this image our last day at the swim club.

Cheers to a wonderful Summer .JPG

I hope your summer was fantastic! Til next time. xoxo

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Awe Inspiring...

Alison Sheffield

Alison Sheffield

Hi Gang! This week I want to introduce you to a lady who inspires me daily - not only through her Interior Design work but, with her zest for life and wonderful endearing nature.

Alison Sheffield shares a glorious Bow Roof Cape in Cohassett, MA with husband Stephen Sheffield a talented Artist and Photographer; sons Milo, 14 and Finn, 11; and some sweet furry family members - their adorable pup Evvie and cats Otto & Puck.

Family Room

Family Room

I’ve been following Alison on social media for years … and over that time we’ve become friends. This greater Boston area designer has been working in the industry for over 15 years. I know you will enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Alison grew up in Wellesley, MA in a home filled with antique furniture and rugs, many with an Asian influence. She always loved rearranging furniture and decorating growing up and remembers three distinct incarnations of her childhood bedroom. Her mother wallpapered every room in their house at least once; so using wallpaper doesn’t feel permanent to Alison and its why she embraces it so effortlessly in her own home and with her clients.

Living Room

Living Room

Both sets of grandparents decorated with antiques. Her paternal grandparents foyer and upstairs hall walls were covered in Blue & White Toile. It was a huge influence on her.

“Before I even knew what Chinoiserie was, I was smitten with it.”

A Peek into the Butlers Pantry from the Kitchen

A Peek into the Butlers Pantry from the Kitchen

Elements of Style.JPG

Alison told me decorating her freshman college dorm room was a summer-long activity, involving custom pillow shams and lots and lots of Laura Ashley.

“Decorating every space I’ve lived in since has been as much of a thrill.”

Recently Alison’s Home which she designed was published in Erin Gates newest bestseller: ELEMENTS OF Family STYLE. As an example of how to live stylishly with children and pets. During her career she has also been featured in Better Homes & Gardens and Boston Globe Magazine.

Sun Room

Sun Room

Family Room

Family Room

While living in that dorm room she studied English, Art History, and Women’s Studies and remarked that all these disciplines have been helpful and relevant in her life since.

After college she worked for John Hancock in their major events department. Which ran events surrounding their corporate sponsorships of the Boston Marathon and the Olympics. From there she ended up at The Jimmy Fund, the fundraising arm of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, running smaller fundraising events. That morphed into managing the Stewardship Events for the hospital’s development office - which included naming dedications and thank you events for very large donations.

Alison decided she really wanted to try her hand at interior design. She attended design school where she focused on - the history of furniture, architecture, color theory, lighting and the decorative arts. While attending The New England School of Design she worked part time for the - then regional editor for Traditional Home and Better Homes & Gardens. Alison did research and interviewed designers about their spaces and she would write up the first pass for her boss. Her boss pitched she and Stephen’s home in Boston to BH&G for their First Home feature and it was published in the September issue just before their oldest son was born that December. The article was called A Marriage of Styles and described how they’d meshed their different aesthetics in their first home.



Alison added that she wasn’t exposed to anything very “modern” or “contemporary” until she met Stephen, an artist whose Father an architect is a fan of the Bauhaus movement, and whose Mother is a master of all the home arts (cooking, sewing, knitting, quilting, gardening, etc.). The home he grew up in had a much more modern slant, and its what he was surrounding himself with when they met. She shared that he doesn’t have bad style and that he’s actually very good at putting a space together. He leans toward the utilitarian (especially when he was in art school – think sawhorses and hollow-core doors) with a bit of an edge. At the time they met her style was still entirely traditional – mahogany furniture, Persian rugs, toile wallpaper.

Sun Room

Sun Room

“Incorporating his style with mine was a tremendous learning experience for me. Figuring out how to balance the different silhouettes, styles and materials and make each sing in its own way, 100% changed how I approached design.”

Their son Milo’s nursery was featured in Boston Globe Magazine. With that exposure she was able to cobble together enough work to start Sheffield Interiors. Over the years she’s done primarily residential work, with a few commercial/hospitality jobs in the mix.

“Homes really are my passion. Creating an environment a client loves is so important to me. To be able to give them a space that reflects who they are and what they love brings me joy.”

Living Room

Living Room

Alison shared that her style still definitely slants toward the traditional. She’ll always turn toward antiques and vintage rugs, but offset them with clean lines and more up-to-date textures or finishes.

“I use a lot pattern and color because I LOVE them. I consider jewel tones and animal prints pretty much a given in most designs I create. And there’s nothing more important in creating a timeless and classic room than layering. And art, always art.“

I asked what the rest of 2019 held -

Bar Cart Concept

Bar Cart Concept

Alison is thrilled to be participating in the 3rd annual Heading Home To Dinner event in October. The event works to raise funds to provide emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing and supportive services to homeless and formerly homeless families and individuals in the Boston area.

This event brings members of the local design community together to support this incredibly important organization. Tickets are sold to a cocktail reception, as well as a formal dinner, during which bar carts created by local designers are auctioned off. You can see her concept for the bar cart she’s designing - the inspiration is a collage created by her husband Stephen Sheffield.

She wants to expand her client base, and continue to create and collect beauty!

New Logo

New Logo

Alison will be updating her website, in the meantime she’s using Instagram as a portfolio of her work. She loves the connections she’s made both professionally and personally as well as the inspiration she gets from the creative community on the app.

“I’m currently working with an artist on my branding.”

Living room

Living room

Her next-door neighbor was a decorator and the most glamorous person Alison knew and she wanted to be her when she grew up! Well, Alison you’ve succeeded in Spades!!!

Pop over and check out Alison’s feed and follow along, you’ll be so happy!

Til next time - have a terrific week and I’ll see you on the Gram!

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All Images by Alison Sheffield

Brands We Love (part deux)

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Last week I invited you to click through and check out the Brands We Love listed here on my site…this week I’m sharing the creatives that pop-up in my Inbox! I found many through Instagram!


These souls never fail to inspire!!!

An honorable mention to goes out to one of my favorite ladies - Racheal Jackson you can see her amazing mind at work on her site: Banyan Bridges - I’m psyched to see this lady IRL in just a few weeks!

These accounts are Interior Design based - I love seeing beautiful spaces and the inspiration behind these spaces. IG is definitively a huge resource but, I still want to read the latest post from Heather Clawson (Habitually Chic is the very first blog I followed). I also receive emails from my friends listed in the sidebar - Artsy, Jane at Home, Room Sauce, Swoon Worthy, The Farmhouse Project, The Makerista, The New England Life and T. Moore Home. My inbox is a busy busy place… but, I relish these clever and original thinkers… popping up and getting my juices flowing!


I hope you’ll check out these magical souls and what they’re putting out into the universe!

Til next time!

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