Beautiful Blooms

Last week - last Wednesday in fact - I walked to School to pick Liam up as I do every day - I was out of the house for exactly 14 minutes door to door and I came back with bright red painful ears (I was bundled up and my ears were covered) the cold was intense 22 * and that wind!

As a dear friend said - “ March is awful, January and February get a bad wrap but, March really is the pits.” So with springtime a bit farther off here in Northern New Jersey I scrapped what I was going to publish today and decided we all needed to see some pretty flowers regardless if you are blessed with spring-like weather or not. Enjoy these beautiful images by some very lovely ladies and please pop over and give my friends some love and a follow!



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Have a delightful week - Til next time!

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presby garden visit

i enjoyed a lovely afternoon visiting The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair, NJ about an hour outside of Manhattan.

IMG_5762 cm.JPG

the gardens were started as a memorial to Frank H. Presby one of the founders of the American Iris Society in 1927 it is a non-profit located on 6.5 acres. 

IMG_5768 1.jpg

this tree is simply gorgeous!


this last image is of the garden at my son's grade school.  i love that the kiddos are out in nature being taught about plants, composting and planting by tending the garden.  sometimes they simply go outside and hold classes there. Liam really enjoys it and has been participating in a junior master gardener club through our local library since March.

get outside, take a walk and admire your surroundings. 

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til next time.