Glittery Goodness


I recently installed a lovely Project 62 Mirror by the Front Door and it started me thinking about all the bright brass pieces around the Chalet.

I bought this Project 62 tray last year and I couldn’t be happier I did. I absolutely love the brass accent legs on my new coffee table from Home Sense. Isn’t my Bunny sweet from Urban Redeux. These Crate and Barrel wood & marble coasters are awesome!


Still loving every piece I’ve thrifted from Pepper Leigh Eclectic! This brass vessels help my flowers last a very long time. Here’s my recipe for long lasting blooms: Warm Water Metal container or a glass container with Pennies and I change the water every other day and I usually do not use flower fresh.


I’ve incorporated some bright bits on my desk…the framed photographs and the pen holder.


How fun is this clipper ship - and my Lion - both are treasures from Pepper Leigh Eclectic.

Honorable mention to the amazing bell that was part of a collection from my uncle - he lovingly gave to my son!


I’ve incorporated some gold accents in the corner gallery wall in the Livingroom too!


I’ve gone green and gold on the mantel! I love this thrifted watercolor of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica .


One of favorite pieces is this glittery K my sister gifted me a few Christmases ago! I love it!


Some keys pieces on the Porch are from Target: the Floor Lamp and Round Table.

This gold and brass trend started a few seasons ago but, I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Here are some current items you can add to your abode!

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Til next time!

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Inspirational Images

Hey Friends… as you know I’ve been reworking the Livingroom at the Chalet…. the next focus is floor coverings…


Currently we have our Pottery Barn Darby rugs in Mocha… so pretty right??? But, I want to go blue or I want to go bright - well I’m about to share the images that are currently whirring around in my brain… and where I am in the process. I shared a post about all the different rugs in the Chalet last July entitled Rugs Rugs Rugs!!! I love mixing different patterns.

Ok - could you just die? This rug - this pattern - this blue… with the light colored couch. This is so where I’m headed with the Chalet. I love love love this look. We do have a challenge with the layout of the chalet. The Livingroom and Den side of the first floor measure: 24 feet in length by 10 feet wide… but, when you minus the space for the radiators and the fireplace surround you are left with about 8 feet by 23 feet. This is a tall order; and since our last name doesn’t happen to be Rockefeller custom is not something we can well afford; that’s why we currently have 3 separate rugs all the same pattern - one 8 x 10 and two 8 x 5 spanning this side of the first floor. And this may be where I end up again… and I really want to span to at least 22 ft.. there is too much bare floor by the television cabinet. Ok but, before I go down the path of retailers both brick and mortar and on-line… let’s peruse the lovely pics that have been keeping me up at night! haha!!!


Oh and I want to mention I think that Erin’s rug is a nice balance to our current Diningroom rug from Morocco. Cream base with pattern.

In my minds eye… done right… find Erin’s rug.

I love the woven textured Emily A. Clark has in her living room.

I know at this point you’re thinking - wait… you like Erin’s rug and now you like Emily’s which direction do you want to go in?

Well friends there in lies the rub! I like a lot!

I also love this look at Erin Conway’s home.

Sarah Hart is blowing my mind with her design for a century old home she and her family moved into last month. Look at this - modern with old world beauty. Her mix is amazing!

This simple geometric pattern is the perfect compliment to Nicole’s beautiful decor and has the wheels turning in my head!

Then we get to the lady with all sorts of crazy inspiration… Charlotte Smith has so many lovely floor coverings in her home… each unique and statement making. I love it all.

Totally shifting gears we get to the distinctive rugs in the homes of my friends Bev Wilson above and Tiina Treasures below. I mean these are gorgeous old rugs that have history and luscious colorways.

I love this lovely runner in Jen Dulac’s living room. The colors simply say HELLO!


I fell hard for this blue and pink gal… on Christmas day… while chatting with my Mother In Law about what I was working on and sharing images and ideas. But, I have to heed her warning not to get something that will not work well with the Diningroom rug. Otherwise I will be getting a new rug in there too and honestly I don’t want that.

If you follow me on Instagram than you know of my love of Home Sense. While out shopping for new lamps for the Diningroom I couldn’t help but, take a poke around the rugs… and what lovely options they have. And while the Old Meryl who loved a more jumbled look would have thrown caution to the wind and bought this lovely number below… I mean look at these colors - I mean YES. But, No friends… the point of this process, which started last July was to streamline the design and end up with a more sophisticated less cluttered look and bringing home a random albeit beautiful 9 x 13 wool rug at the crazy good price of only $399.00 would not have gotten me to my ultimate goal. So the search continues and I have to sell my Darby rugs. I’m learning even if we like something that doesn’t mean it’s suppose to come and live in the Chalet.

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Til next time friends!

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English Emollinents

Do you remember when your Gran had a collection of yummy English soaps and lotions and they smelled dreamy… Well friends today I’m sharing the best of the best - A new English Artisan Soap Maker Virginia Coram - they have the most delicious soaps and lotions. All are vegan, pure plant based and amazing!

IMG_1645-1 wm.jpg

Could you just die over the marvelous packaging? The care and attention paid to the way these items arrive on your doorstep is second to none!

IMG_1701 wm.jpg

Let’s talk about the ingredients in these scrumptious scents and what they smell like! -

All the scents listed below contain Olive, Coconut and Sunflower Oils.

Rose Geranium and Sage: Contains Rose and Sage. The scent envelops you in Roses with a serious hint of Sage. It’s and unexpected and delightful mix!

Potting Shed: Contains Rosemary, Pine and Tea Tree. The scent is outdoorsy pine which is very rich and full!

Butlers Soap: Contains Frankincense and Black Pepper. This is the most fragrant and perfumed of the whole lot. I found it deeply delicious! This is my personal favorite.

Governess’s Soap: Contains Orange, Lavender and Vanilla. The scent is a citrusy lavender mix that is refreshingly pure!

Artisan Lotion: Contains Neroli, Sandalwood and Citrus. The scent has the most masculine notes due to the Sandalwood and it’s lovely!

Bootroom Lotion: Contains Vetirent, Majoram and Bay. This scent reminds me of old-fashioned soap it’s wholesome and clean!

IMG_1663 wm.jpg

I highly recommend visiting the shop my friends to place an order or two or three for the holidays! In addition to the offerings here there are also bar soaps and bath oils!

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To receive 15% all orders placed by 12/31/2018 totaling $40.00 or more use Code:


Happy Shopping!

Til next time!